Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Island Timeline

I hope this will help me figure out what's going on when and what side people are on. Please contribute and make corrections. The dates come from Lostpedia which is not canon, but is pretty close.

100 BC? - Days of the 4-Toed statue; Locke puts the Donkey Wheel back on its axis and turns it

1845 - Black Rock disappears. Magnus Hanso was captain of the Black Rock.

1954 - Richard Alpert and a band of Latin speaking Others including young Charles Widmore and Ellie are on Island and view it as THEIR Island
- US Army arrives on Island with 18 men and Jughead. 18 Army people die on orders from Alpert's superior.
- The Left Behinders (LBs) jump to 1954 and Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte plus 2 redshirts interact with Alpert's Others.  Both Alpert and Ellie are told about the time skipping.

1970s - The Dharma Initiative (DI) funded by Alvar Hanso begins building stations on the Island. They create a station, The Arrow to deal with the hostile indigenous population presumably Alpert's Others.

1970 - Charlotte Staples Lewis born

1973 - Young Ben Linus joins the DI and arrives on Island with his dad.
- The Hostiles, presumably led by Alpert, attack DI facilities
- Young Ben sees his mom and in an effort to find her encounters Richard Alpert

1974 - Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, Daniel and presumably Rose, Bernard, Vincent and any other remaining 815ers end up here after Locke turns the wheel
Hostiles kill DI member Paul
Sawyer and Juliet kill 2 Hostiles and rescue DI Amy
Sawyer tells DI his name is LaFleur and he and his crew integrate into the Dharma Initiative after also informing Alpert what, that is who, they're waiting for
The Dharma submarine travels approximately every 2 weeks to and from the Island

- Daniel (not sure if it's 2005 or other aged Daniel) travels to the time they are building the Orchid. I'm thinking now this is definitely 2005 Daniel, but the exact date of this scene is unknown.

Somewhere in the 1970s, probably between '74 and '77 - a young Charlotte Lewis lives on Island; a crazy Daniel visits her and tells her to leave and never come back; Charlotte leaves with her mother, her father stays behind

1977 - Sawyer, Miles and Jin work for Dharma security
Juliet works as a Dharma mechanic and only reveals herself to be a doctor in order to deliver Amy's baby
A baby is born to Amy and Horace; no word on where it was conceived.

Kate, Hurley and Jack are flashed into this time from Flight 316 and are found by Jin
Motor Pool Kate, Chef Hurley and Workman Jack are part of the DI
Sayid in DI custody as a presumed Hostile; visited by young Ben

Young Ben springs Sayid; Sayid shoots him in the jungle and flees

1980s - Alpert's Hostiles and Ben purge the DI with poison gas. Possibly 1984/5 if you take Miles statement that Widmore has been looking for the Island for 20 years as accurate. This date does not agree with Horace's dream statement to Locke though. At this point Island is left with just Alpert's Others plus Ben plus possibly other DI that become Others or are left to die at the hands of polar bears. We do not know of any DI escaping the Island post-purge, but somehow Daniel knew about the purge as evidenced by Daniel and Charlotte's trip to the Tempest. I suspect Widmore knew about it too, but I don't know chicken and egg style if he told Daniel or Daniel told him.

November 18, 1988 - Rousseau's team crashes on Island 
- Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel find wreckage of French ship
- Rousseau's team finds Jin
- Smokey kills Nadine and rips off Montand's arm; Frenchies minus Danielle go after Montand and Smokey

Between Nov. 18 and Alex's birth
-French team discovers Black Rock on Island

Late 1988/Early 1989 - Rousseau shoots LaCombe, Brennan and Robert
- Rousseau goes to radio tower and changes message
- Rousseau gives birth to Alex
- Ben takes Alex.  Alex becomes an Other.

Post-Gulf War maybe 1991/2 - Kelvin Inman arrives at the Swan
- Mikhail arrives on Island about then too.

1995 - Desmond meets Penny

1995/6 - Desmond meets with Charles Widmore to ask about marrying Penny
Desmond sees Charlie Pace performing on a street in London

1996 - Desmond meets Daniel in Oxford
Charles Widmore buys Black Rock ledger from the Hanso family

1997/8 - Daniel sends Teresa time-tripping, leaves for America, Widmore pays for Teresa's care

Late 1990s? - Nigerian drug plane crashes on the Island
- Ethan checks out plane crash and shoots a 2005 Locke
- 2005 Locke sees crash and is shot by Ethan

2001 - Desmond meets Jack at stadium in LA

2001-2004 - Desmond lives in Swan Hatch
- Juliet becomes an Other 

Sept. 22, 2004 - 815 crashes and Kelvin dies

Sept/Oct 2004 - The Others take members of the Tail Section to become Others including Cindy, Zack and Emma

Nov. 1, 2004 - Aaron born, delivered by Kate
- Time skipping LBs jump here from 1954 and see Swan lit up as Locke pounds on it and Aaron's birth

Nov. 2004 - Desmond meets Locke, Jack and Kate

Mid-Nov. 2004 - Desmond meets other 815ers

Dec. 31, 2004 - O6, Ben, Desmond and Frank leave the Island
LBs start skipping through time

2007 - Ajira 316 crashes on Hydra Island
Sun and Lapidus take outrigger to abandoned Dharmaville and meet Christian Shephard

2007 Crash date + 2/3 days - resurrected Locke found on Hydra Island; Ben in Ajira infirmary

2007 Crash date + at least 3 days - 2 Outriggers appear on beach; beach camp emptied; Zodiac gone
- People in Outrigger chase and shoot at LBs

And now for the Time Skips

Episodes 1 and 2
2005 LBers go to date of Nigerian plane crash  
Then to post-Swan implosion time
Then to somewhere between 2001-2004 when Desmond is in Swan Hatch

Episode 3
Then to 1954

Episode 4
Then to Nov. 1, 2004 where they come across a lit up Swan Hatch and Aaron's birth
Then to some future date where the beach camp exists, but has been raided by people in two outrigger canoes and the Zodiac is missing
Then to the day Rousseau's people crash on the Island

Episode 5
Opens on November 18, 1988
Jumps ahead about 2 months
Multiple unknown jumps
Locke puts Donkey Wheel back on its axis and turns it again

Episodes 5, 7, 8

The flash when Locke falls down the well takes them to 4-toed statue days
Locke turning the wheel takes the remaining LBs to 1974

Episode 9
Sayid is in 1977; Sun, Ben, Locke, Lapidus in 2007

Episode 10 - 1977

Monday, February 02, 2009

Circular Locke

I have to credit You All Everybody from The Transmission episode about Jughead for starting me off down this path. Here goes.

In 1954 Widmore meets John Locke and witnesses him having a big tete-a-tete with Alpert, consigliere of the Others. Clearly this level of access makes Locke important. In fact young Widmore may have discussed the meeting with Alpert and learned exactly what John claimed namely that he is the leader of the Others in 2005.

In 2003/4 Abaddon intercepts wheelchair-bound Locke in rehab and encourages him to go on a walkabout, said walkabout that will result in John being on Flight 815 on September 22, 2004.

The encounter between Locke and Abaddon and Abaddon's relationship to Widmore has always puzzled me. But now that I know Widmore has known about time traveling Locke since the 50s, it's starting to make a bit more sense. Widmore sends Abaddon to Locke to make sure he's in place for that plane trip because Locke must crash on the Island. What's more, he must crash on the Island in order to replace Widmore's nemesis, Benjamin Linus.

It makes me wonder, will we see some time cop, an Other, Mrs. Hawking, Abaddon, etc. making sure that Kate's Australian farmer knows about her fugitive status and the much-needed reward about a week or so before 9/22/04? I've always suspected that someone got to Claire's psychic after all he gives her the ticket for Flight 815. Does that mean someone killed Christian Shephard? Did Paik set the timing for the watch delivery trip at Widmore's behest?

And were there wildcards? We've seen almost step by step how Hurley went to Australia after his father tried the fake psychic bit and how he almost missed the plane. And what about Sayid? Same sort of thing. But for Islamic burial traditions he would have left a day earlier. And what about Michael and Walt? Did someone send Walt's stepfather at just the right time? In fact did someone insure Walt's mom's death at just the right time?

But back to Locke. We've already seen him send Richard to his birth? Does he also have Widmore send Abaddon? And is Locke in fact Jacob? And old theory, but a goodie, sending not only others to help him along the way, but telling Locke himself to "Help Me." I can certainly picture Locke screwing things up in such a way that would allow Ben to manipulate him for those years he ruled the Island, getting trapped by an ash ring or what have you. Still doesn't explain the Others reverence for Jacob as we saw in various Juliet flashbacks or the Room 23 film. But hey, we've got most of two seasons left after all.

Anyways (ding) I just wanted to get this down early in case it pans out.