Monday, February 25, 2008

Questions From Eggtown

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Questions From The Economist

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Rewatch --
Confirmed Dead

More question and notes from episode 4.2, Confirmed Dead.

1. Where do you think Dan's egg-cooking lady friend thinks he is now? He seems to be the only one of the Freighter Four (FF) with a close, personal friend. Will any of them missed if they don't return?

2. Why don't all the FF think they need to have kevlar vests on? If I was heading to the island after Naomi's signal, I would have had my vest on and my gas mask handy. And do you think Dan really knows how to use that gun?

3. Sawyer's finally learned some tracking skills. He realizes Locke is heading in the wrong direction.

4. Did Ben shoot Locke in the missing kidney to test Locke and the Island or is he just getting sloppy? And why is Ben trying to talk Sawyer into staying on the Island? Will anyone do in this pinch?

5. What do you think Mrs. Gardner had been hearing or seeing in her Inglewood home to make her call Miles in the first place?

6. What does Charlotte know about The Dharma Initiative and how does she know it? I want to think she's a DI offspring, but Ben's details of her life, mom and dad, birthplace, etc. make me much less confident in that hope. BTW, her dad's name is David Lewis. The name David has been used repeatedly on the show.

7. Why didn't Charlotte try to sell the "we're here for Desmond" story to Locke's group?

8. One of my favorite scenes in the episode is when Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet first see the helicopter. The hope on their faces is both heart-warming and heart-breaking given our Flash Forward info.

9. So if Ben is the FF's objective why send anyone other than Naomi? How many other objectives do they have? And why does Abaddon trust the FF to be able to leave the Island after each has fulfilled their specific purpose? Won't they talk? Especially about the existence of 815 survivors? Frank at least seems to think his only purpose on the Island is to run a ferry service from it to the freighter.

10. Can Smokey/Jacob/the Island make Christian Shephard and Yemi appear because they're "just meat?" If so, they better get Naomi off the Island quickly before her body disappears and shows up in Jacob's cabin.

11. Does Ben know what the monster is, but he's still unwilling to tell Locke? To tell Charlotte?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Whose Side Is The Island On?

After watching Episode 4.2, Confirmed Dead and seeing what may or may not be Matthew Abaddon's nefarious plan to infiltrate the Island and acquire the primary objective Ben Linus I got to wondering why the Island would permit these people at least the opportunity to carry out their plans. Naomi who it seems has been lying since Day 1 with her hired by Penny, looking for Desmond story has the clouds part for her, isn't killed in her crash landing and what's more is healed by the Island. Desmond is given a flash which sets in motion the things necessary for Naomi to be able to contact the rest of the Freighter 4, plus at least 2 on the boat. The Freighter 4 land on Island with only minor injuries. The helicopter is even workable. Smokey is no where to be found in any of this.

So here's the question -- does the Island want to get rid of Ben? Does it want these 4 people? Does it want to get rid of the Oceanic 6? Why is the Island being so accommodating at the moment?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Rewatch -
The Beginning of the End

Just a few ideas and questions from rewatching Episode 4.1, The Beginning of the End.

1. Who was Penny calling and why was The Looking Glass set to her frequency? Did Ben have Bonnie and Greta monitoring Penny or Charles Widmore? Is that how he knows that Naomi's people are up to no good? And how does Locke know? 8-foot Walt?

2. I have a theory about why Hurley denies knowing Ana Lucia. What if it is Michael under the pseudonym J. Lantham who rescues the Oceanic 6, and the deal is they can tell no one about the Island and what happened on it as Michael's condition for rescue since he murdered two people?

3. The emphasis on insanity especially when it comes to Locke (see his music video set to Patsy Cline's "Crazy"), is it because it's Hurley's episode and a large theme in his backstory is sanity, or are we really supposed to think that Locke is crazy? Don't forget that Locke's mom was in Santa Rosa and Locke himself was getting disability for depression.

4. What was the deal with needing to change the frequency on the sat phone? Minkowski says something about interference, I think he says RF interference. What is that? Also, I don't think the helicopter was in trouble as many have suggested. I think it was maneuvering to allow the parachuter to jump.

5. Another scientific-ish question. Could exposure to the unique electromagnetic properties of the Island make a person more receptive to other dimensions? In other words, because Hurley has been on the Island can he now see Christian Shephard and even Charlie back in the real world? Charlie says he's dead and he's here. I'd like to think that Hurley can perceive that because of his electromagnetic exposure. It's still controllable though as we saw when Hurley focused his energy to make both Jacob's shack and Charlie disappear.

6. At the end, why are Jack and Kate waiting at the cockpit instead of the beach presumably with the rest of the "I'm with Jack" group? It just seems odd since it was Jack's big idea to make themselves as easy as possible to find.

7. I wonder if the reason we continue to see Christian Shephard, Yemi and now Charlie is because their bodies were never buried. And given that, in the future will we see the unburied Naomi and Mikhail?

8. And finally, who are THEY? Creepy lawyer impersonating dude asks are "they" still alive and Charlie repeats over and over to Hurley that "they" need you. We've gone from "him" to "they." And there may be more than one "they." I can't wait until Thursday to find out more!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mystery Eye