Thursday, January 29, 2009

Widmore Knows Where Faraday's Mom Is?

Unlike many Jughead was not favorite episode. It was because so many people had speculated correctly about the identity of Jones and the preview pictures of Penny giving birth.

But here's the big thing I want to know. How does Widmore know where in LA Faraday's mom is? Does he know Ben's there? Is Mrs. Hawking on Ben's side? Widmore's? Are they actually on the same side?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I Want To Know NOW!

LOST is back and Season 5 is causing brain bleed in more than just Charlotte and random drilling DI guy. But I'm tired of trying to understand the time rules. Instead I have so more basic questions.

1. Why is Juilet jumping but none of Alpert's Others are? And I especially want to know about the 815ers taken by the Others, Cindy, Zack, Emma the other 8 or so tailies. What is preventing them from jumping through time with Locke? And why doesn't it apply to Juliet? My pet theory is that Juliet's marking is allowing her to jump undoing whatever Other Kool-aid the rest have been taking. Yep, I'm still looking for something redeeming from Strangers in a Strange Land.

2. What about the O6 returning to the Island will undo or fix the effects of Ben turning the Donkey Wheel? This one really has me stumped. In fact the only way the O6's return makes sense to me is if they return to the Island at a time before the wheel was turned. But that would undo Carlton Cuse's repeated statements that the Beardy Jack future really exists. I also really don't get why the O6 have to return after 3 years. I don't see how the on-Island 815ers can survive 3 years of what we saw last week. They lost at least 3 of their number in that escapade.

3. Why is Daniel focused on Desmond, but Ben is focused on the O6? This could also be entitled who has to go back. As of now Ben is focused on the O6 plus Locke. Alpert also focused on that group of people. But time expert Daniel is focusing his efforts on Desmond though he hasn't said, yet, that Desmond needs to come back. Can Desmond do something off Island? Do the O6 need to be on Island before he does it?

4. What about Waaaalllllttttt? And Ji Yeon? And Frank? And do other people like Charlotte, Miles and Daniel actually need to be off the Island?

Well that's enough for now. I hope Episode 5.3 answers at least one of these. Otherwise I better make sure my Constant is on hand.