Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Rewatch -
The Beginning of the End

Just a few ideas and questions from rewatching Episode 4.1, The Beginning of the End.

1. Who was Penny calling and why was The Looking Glass set to her frequency? Did Ben have Bonnie and Greta monitoring Penny or Charles Widmore? Is that how he knows that Naomi's people are up to no good? And how does Locke know? 8-foot Walt?

2. I have a theory about why Hurley denies knowing Ana Lucia. What if it is Michael under the pseudonym J. Lantham who rescues the Oceanic 6, and the deal is they can tell no one about the Island and what happened on it as Michael's condition for rescue since he murdered two people?

3. The emphasis on insanity especially when it comes to Locke (see his music video set to Patsy Cline's "Crazy"), is it because it's Hurley's episode and a large theme in his backstory is sanity, or are we really supposed to think that Locke is crazy? Don't forget that Locke's mom was in Santa Rosa and Locke himself was getting disability for depression.

4. What was the deal with needing to change the frequency on the sat phone? Minkowski says something about interference, I think he says RF interference. What is that? Also, I don't think the helicopter was in trouble as many have suggested. I think it was maneuvering to allow the parachuter to jump.

5. Another scientific-ish question. Could exposure to the unique electromagnetic properties of the Island make a person more receptive to other dimensions? In other words, because Hurley has been on the Island can he now see Christian Shephard and even Charlie back in the real world? Charlie says he's dead and he's here. I'd like to think that Hurley can perceive that because of his electromagnetic exposure. It's still controllable though as we saw when Hurley focused his energy to make both Jacob's shack and Charlie disappear.

6. At the end, why are Jack and Kate waiting at the cockpit instead of the beach presumably with the rest of the "I'm with Jack" group? It just seems odd since it was Jack's big idea to make themselves as easy as possible to find.

7. I wonder if the reason we continue to see Christian Shephard, Yemi and now Charlie is because their bodies were never buried. And given that, in the future will we see the unburied Naomi and Mikhail?

8. And finally, who are THEY? Creepy lawyer impersonating dude asks are "they" still alive and Charlie repeats over and over to Hurley that "they" need you. We've gone from "him" to "they." And there may be more than one "they." I can't wait until Thursday to find out more!


Kyle aka TheBookPolice said...

I dig the "unburied bodies" theory. Was Bea Klugh buried? The rest of the Others? We could have a Parade of Roses on the Island with all the dead people that aren't underground.

redrabbitblue said...

#6 I think they just didnt get that far yet two groups walking towards each other they meet in the middle.(some how ends up being the nose section)very plot convienent.
#7Who are they? My question is how meny who are they do we need.

Lost 2010 said...

Do you live in Memphis? Are you okay after the storms last night? Scary just to watch it on t.v.

memphish said...

Thanks for asking. It was pretty dicey for a while, but all we got in our neighborhood was very heavy rain. The tornado that hit the city hit to the southeast of us. 2 hours of sirens though. It reminded me of growing up in Alabama where we spent days in the back hall of our elementary school waiting out tornado warnings.

Amused2bHere said...

Is it thursday yet?!!!!

Here's a few responses:
#1 I think Penny was calling a frequency she discovered in her father's stuff, and she's been trying to get through to the Island (the Flame?) but was being jammed by TLG. When Charlie shut it down, the call went through (kind of like when the overseas operator places your call, your phone rings to tell you that a connection has been made even though you are still making the call...does that make sense?)

#2 It had to be part of the Oceanic 6 pact that anything related to the Island is off limits. This has to relate to the "LIE" that jack is sick of telling. Are "they" holding the other "they" hostage, and if anyone tells, then those left behind will be executed. Or something like that.

I dunno about the rest. But here's a point: if the transcripts of the whispers are to be believed, then what is up with the f-word being used? I'm annoyed that TPTB would let that slip in there, even in a backmasked unintelligible whisper. If you let the camel's nose under the tentflap...

Lost 2010 said...

Glad to hear you're okay. The devastation looked pretty extensive and the fatalities just keep rising every time I turn on the radio. (Sorry for being O.T.)

Amused2bHere said...

Amen, lost 2010. Memphish, we are praying for your continued safety.

ben bang said...

#8 "THEY" are the other survivors of 815 who were never rescued.

Capcom said...

Good post!

pgtbeauregard said...

On bullet point #2, about Michael being J. Lanthan, I think you're right on the money there. It makes sense that Michael is the one in the coffin, and that he would have a new identity!

I was also wondering why only Kate and Jack stayed at the plane.

Good points.