Friday, December 19, 2008

Did Christian Tell Locke To Keep Jack On The Island?

In There's No Place Like Home (pt. 2) Locke and Jack talk leader stuff at the Orchid. Locke tries to talk Jack out of leaving giving him the whole destiny spiel once again. But he fails to mention that a guy named Christian has told him to move the Island. Which makes me wonder, did Christian instruct Locke to keep Jack on the Island or is Locke freelancing? I still can't decide if Christian wants Jack and Aaron on or off the Island.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Ordered This?

I'm up to Cabin Fever in my re-watch and this exchange occurs at the Dharma open grave.

HURLEY: What's he doing down there?
(Ben shrugs)
HURLEY: So... This is where you shot Locke and left him for dead, huh?
BEN: Yes, Hugo, I was standing right where you are now when I pulled the trigger. Should have realized at the time that it was pointless, but... I really wasn't thinking clearly.
(Hurley steps back a little)
HURLEY: Is that why you killed all these people, too?
BEN: I didn't kill them.
HURLEY: Well, if the Others didn't wipe out the DHARMA Initiative--
BEN: They did wipe them out, Hugo, but it wasn't my decision.
HURLEY: Then whose was it?
BEN: Their leader's.
HURLEY:But I thought you were their leader.
BEN: Not always.

So who was the leader when the Purge was ordered? Was it Widmore? Was it not the case that Ben stole from Widmore when the DI was purged, but rather that Widmore purged the DI and Ben took over later? Oooh. Interesting.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Now The Countdown Really Begins!

I'm heading off this morning, after carpool, to get my Season 4 DVDs and intend to spend the next week, the week before school gets out for Christmas, to devour them in peace and quiet.

I have not re-watched any of Season 4 since it finished airing. I started to re-watch 4.1 a few weeks ago, but it was depressing. Half the people in the episode are now dead. I also fear the re-watch may fall a little flat because S4's big question was "they're off the Island?" and S4 answered that question. Moreover Locke being in the coffin has not been the "What's in the hatch?" "What do the Others want?" "WTF?" finale moment that's kept me speculating all off season.

But now it's only 42 days, 8 hours until Season 5, so my Season 4 re-watch must begin. Hopefully it will in fact raise questions that I can post here on my mostly dormant blog. But even if it doesn't, it should get the juices flowing for that January 21st kickoff date that's got me more excited than Florida/Oklahoma.