Saturday, October 18, 2008

So What Did Dharma Want?

Now that the ARG seems to be on hold for over 2 months! I've got some questions.

I'd guess given the Comic Con imprimatur that the new Dharma Initiative's formation is official LOST canon. If you show up on a stage with Damon and Carlton that makes you canon to me. What's more the cause that has led to the effect of the re-formation of DI seems to be the receipt of the Chang video. So here's what I want to know:

Feel free to discuss any other aspect of the ARG in the comments as well. I personally do not regret dropping out early on, but I'm interested to see what those of you who persevered think about how the ARG will affect the LOST-iverse.


Capcom said...

Well I'm not sure what to think, but I would guess that they might weave parts of this Aggravating Reality Game into the show the way that Find815 was in part, like you say.

I finally broke down and finished the tests, but whenever I got to a question that I didn't know the answer to, I would just click on "pass". I didn't care what kind of score I got, I just did it to make it to the next phase. :-p

I hope that Cheng finally gets some air time on the show, I like him so far. Especially how he finally gave up playing the cloak and dagger type charade.

Lost 2010 said...

The only part of the ARG I enjoyed was the player-generated tests. Those were a lot of fun. And the pre-game discussions when we hashed Marvin Candle to death - that was fun.

I'm not very excited about the new season. I'm afraid what the ARG tells us about the new season is that we can expect more focus on new characters than on the ones I knew and loved. And more time travel which I'm not excited about just on principal. I want a linear storyline for a little while and I don't get the impression that's where they're headed.

I hope I'm wrong though. It used to be my favorite show.

Capcom said...

Ditto that!

memphish said...

I think that's what I want too. I don't mind the old trickeroo in the opening, or rather when/where are we guessing game that's solved just before "LOST" pans through the frame. But I don't want each episode to have that element. I want to have some idea where we're going, and when.

Lost 2010 said...

You must have heard the same interview I did. It made me feel like they were going to shuffle the episodes up in a big box and draw them out in no particular order. (I'm exagerating but that's the feeling I came away with.)

I don't think I'm quite that edgy.


maven said...

I kept hoping against hope that this ARG would generate the same intensity at TLE. Alas it has not. I, too, didn't really care how I did on the tests or what groups I was in. I just went through the motions.

I also hoping that the Chang video will play into the next 2 seasons. The Orchid Video definitely did. Unfortunately, all the excitement of that video at Comic Con has dissipated and it has seemed to have disappeared in the lack of story of the ARG.

I'm also very hopeful that TPTB have a great ride planned for us in the remaining episodes!

takes a village said...

I think the big difference is that Hoodlum is not Hi-ReS!We are talking apples and oranges here.
I hope that Hoodlum can redeem themselves,and keep our interest in this ARG.
I liked the tests, and the thought we we're actually going someplace.
It would be fun for the writers to advance the story, and give up some real cannon;not a loose cannon.

Capcom said...

Or a dud cannon, heheh.

I also hope that TPTB don't think that in giving us a "phenomenal" story, that they have to keep blowing up things and killing characters and their lives. Like Lost2010 said on her blog, the personal stories of how the Losties turned around their lives and the hope they had of doing that, was very profound in the beginning and seems to have been abandoned for conflict at every turn (encapsulated perfectly in Rose's story and attitude--what happened to all of her poise?!).

If Lost turns into just another John Woo shooting/explosion work, it will be a shame. They don't have to create the ultimate showdown to create a compelling story, IMHO.