Thursday, January 29, 2009

Widmore Knows Where Faraday's Mom Is?

Unlike many Jughead was not favorite episode. It was because so many people had speculated correctly about the identity of Jones and the preview pictures of Penny giving birth.

But here's the big thing I want to know. How does Widmore know where in LA Faraday's mom is? Does he know Ben's there? Is Mrs. Hawking on Ben's side? Widmore's? Are they actually on the same side?


lost2010 said...

Me too, Memphis. . .on all of that. . . me too. And somehow they made me miss Jack, without even mentioning him.

I'm starting to think it's not so much a sides thing as a big collosal gargantuan picture of the Losties non-communication problem.

Ben and Widmore aren't so much enemies as rivals vying for leadership of the same group. Maybe. . .

Capcom said...

I was actually relieve that Dr. Whiney wasn't in this ep. :-o

Lost2010, don't you mean: a big collosal gargantuan picture of the Losties big collosal gargantuan non-communication problem? Heheh.

maven said...

I'm wondering if Widmore and Hawking are Dan's parents...that would explain why he's still in touch and knows where she is. And he was helping his son with his research.

I think we'll eventually see everyone on the show is related to each other! LOL j/k

memphish said...

I've been hearing that idea a lot Maven. I have to say I'm not a giant fan of it.

But it makes me wonder if the reason Widmore knows Faraday's mom's location is because she normally lives in LA or if he's up to date on her movements around the world.

Ellen said...

I'm thinking that the 815er's, F4, and others who have come to the island are all direct descendants of the original inhabitants of the island...maybe?!

Benny said...

Just a suggestion here:

If we take for truth the assumption that Ms Hawking is Faraday's mother. It's possible Charles knows where she is as she could be a no-aligned resource person with valuable information.

This would come in play with the aforementioned idea that Ben and Charles are vying for a position amongst a single group, to which she's helpful.