Saturday, April 26, 2008

Questions About The Shape of Things to Come


memphish said...

One thing about Nadia's killer. I don't think Ben or Widmore did it. It doesn't make sense to me that Widmore would, but I do think Widmore had Ishmael following Sayid and perhaps Nadia in his attempt to find the Island. That's why he was there to be photographed.

Capcom said...

Excellent questions!

I want Ben to know where he was going, for the mere fact that I want the "vile vortices" theory to be a factor in the time/space jumping thing. For example, you have to jump to a certain vortex area closest to where you want to go, and then once there you travel the rest of the way in regular travel mode. It kind of seems like that's what Ben did.

I'm still not sure how I feel about how Nadia got killed. I feel 50/50 that Ben could have had it done because of his departing smirk, and/or that someone else did it and Ben's using the circumstances to his advantage as always.

I so totally said that I wanted one of Ben's sticks! I wonder if it's got a hollow section in it where he keeps his lists handy. :-)

Another good Q would be, why did the desk clerk at the hotel give Ben a weird look when she checked his preferred status?

memphish said...

Good question Capcom, but I don't know what the options would be. A) Because there were always strange noises coming from his room? or B)Because of the standing request for four live chickens? or C) Because he always tipped everyone well, except for her?

Capcom said...

All of the above, of course! :-D

Maybe she's a DHARMA-ite (that always make me think of vegamite), or he is labelled as being under the global Bilderberg group, heheh. I still think that they're the funding behind either DHARMA or Widmore, trying to make the New World Order. OK, now I'm sounding like the ThEmIsFiT. :o)

maven said...

My LAPD son actually has a Ben stick! It's part of their standard equipment. Does Ben have police connections?

memphish said...

Interesting Maven. Now we know where to go to get training in use of the stick. Maybe the Sheriff conducted lessons in stick usage. :D

Amused2bHere said...

Ben's stick reminded me of the Rangers' Minbari fighting pike from Babylon 5. Ah, Marcus, I miss ye!

Yes, I want one. And a light saber.

I don't think Ben knew exactly where he was going, but he had a definite destination in mind. I'm not sure he can pinpoint a location, just a general area, like Spock and Kirk jumping through the Gate in City on the Edge of Forever. "Close" is all you can hope for, space- and time-wise. The dharka was probably due to the extreme cold in the time/space jumping device (what, the heat wasn't working in the DeLorean?). I'm not sure how the arm injury happened, but I thought maybe Ben's right arm was injured because he's left-handed, and Candle's left arm was hurt because he's right-handed? (after all, the whole tribe of Benjamin was left handed). I checked Lostpedia and Ben writes in his diary with his right hand, so there goes that theory. Oh well.

As to who killed Nadia? I think Ben had something to do with it. I don't see a motive for Widmore yet, and Ben either orchestrated it or was delighted to use it to his advantage. This was a deliberate manipulation, and I believe it is the heart/gun incident that is referred to in The Economist.

Great Q's Memphish!

Lost 2010 said...

I think Ben knew where he was going somehow. I almost wondered if the odd look the clerk gave him was because some other iteration of himself had just checked out that morning or something.

Who doesn't want a stick like that? Although, if he has a stick AND 3.2 million dollars - you guys can have the stick - I'll take the money.

Capcom said...

Heheh, funny Lost2010, that would be a great way to explain her look! :-D