Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does Time Move Faster On the Island
When Its Inhabitants Go Up?

On my road to the Dark Tower I've detoured once again to Derry, Maine where Stephen King's novels It and now Insomnia take place. Characters in Insomnia are moving between levels of the Dark Tower, a building that somehow controls time and worlds and how time moves in worlds. When these humans move up the levels of the Tower allowing them to perceive more than is normally available to our five senses time begins to move at a significantly faster rate.

So I wonder if what's going on in terms of Island time and its failure to quite add up is movement by the Island or those on it through levels of time resulting in the rate at which time passes failing to be constant. I especially wonder this with Daniel's experiment. The rocket literally went up (and so do characters in Insomnia at least once) and then had a different time from Daniel's watch. Ben went somewhere when he turned the wheel and 10 months passed. Did he go up?


Lost 2010 said...

I want to discuss so badly, but I can't do it without giving things away that you haven't read yet. I'll try to stay general.

If in Roland's world you have the tower - and in Jake's world you have the rose - maybe in Ben's world you have the island.

Sort of OT - It's interesting that the alternate ending of The Stand has Flagg waking up on an island - - wonder if that wasn't the inspiration for Richard. Richard as Flagg is pretty scary - it makes Locke The Trashcan Man.

memphish said...

That sounds interesting about the Island being a form of The Tower. I have a feeling in fact that it will prove to be a similar entity. I'm not sure all times/worlds emanates from it, but I think at a minimum it's a portal to what does.

Where did you get the alternate ending of The Stand info? Richard doesn't work as Flagg for me, at least yet, because Flagg is pure evil. Richard hasn't reached that level yet. He's manipulative for sure, but he's smooth about it. Locke as The Trashcan Man what with his penchant for explosions makes perfect sense.

Lost 2010 said...

There's an unabridged author's cut of The Stand that came out a few years ago. It's not so much an alternate ending as an added epilogue I guess.

I always thought Flagg was pretty smooth as long as he was getting his way - it was when you crossed him that things turned dark. I don't remember us seeing anyone cross Richard yet.

Capcom said...

Well, we did see Richard get pretty uppity when John messed up his test. And he tried to blow Keamy away when Keamy and Sayid were fighting (at least someone did!). But that's about it.

I wrote about some connections between Lost and The Stand on my blog a while ago. :-)

But I have no clue what to think about the possiblity of rising and time fluctuations.

Lost 2010 said...

I'll check those out.