Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Kind of "Timers" Inhabit The Island?

More from Insomnia. Normal living human beings are known as Short-Timers. They (we) can only perceive our world with our five senses. There are 3 Long-Timers in the book who can perceive much more in the same physical space for example our auras which give a sense of our health and emotions and also when our end is near. Long-Timers experience time differently than we do. They live much, much longer and age differently. Then there are All-Timers who are immortal.

Additionally those who live longer have the ability to manipulate those who live shorter. The three main Long-Timers end the lives of Short-Timers and are also said to manipulate 3 Short-Timers in particular as if they were chess pieces on a board. Sound familiar? Additionally these Long-Timers are sent to perform these manipulations by others more higher ranking than they.

So I wonder -- Is Richard a Long-Timer? Ben? Widmore? In Insomnia these Long-Timers can't lie though they don't always answer questions and try to answer only what and to the extent that they desire. They also have to keep promises. This sounds a bit like Ben's ethos. They also can't interfere with each other directly, but need to use Short-Timer agents. Again this sounds like Richard, Ben and Widmore who seem to keep their hands technically clean. (Okay, not so much Ben, but the other 2.)

It also makes me wonder about Christian and Jacob and their manipulations of Short-Timers on the Island. Are they trying to get in on the chess game as well?

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