Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Now The Countdown Really Begins!

I'm heading off this morning, after carpool, to get my Season 4 DVDs and intend to spend the next week, the week before school gets out for Christmas, to devour them in peace and quiet.

I have not re-watched any of Season 4 since it finished airing. I started to re-watch 4.1 a few weeks ago, but it was depressing. Half the people in the episode are now dead. I also fear the re-watch may fall a little flat because S4's big question was "they're off the Island?" and S4 answered that question. Moreover Locke being in the coffin has not been the "What's in the hatch?" "What do the Others want?" "WTF?" finale moment that's kept me speculating all off season.

But now it's only 42 days, 8 hours until Season 5, so my Season 4 re-watch must begin. Hopefully it will in fact raise questions that I can post here on my mostly dormant blog. But even if it doesn't, it should get the juices flowing for that January 21st kickoff date that's got me more excited than Florida/Oklahoma.


lost2010 said...

I'm actually enjoying them more on the rewatch because I'm not sitting there waiting for them to focus on storylines that they never picked up - or sitting there hoping they'd spend more time on some storyline than they did.

I still dread re-watching The Constant somehow - I don't know why I found that one so disturbing.

maven said...

Looking forward to your QOTD! My S4 is being shipped today...can't wait!

Capcom said...

I haven't watched my S4 tapes yet either for some reason. Maybe because all the original hopefullness and rebirth in the storyline is gone, like Lost2010 once said. Maybe in the back of my mind that just translates to, "So what if you want to change your spots and start fresh, it won't matter anyway." Too close to real life, heheh.

I'm looking forward to the DVD extras though.