Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Ordered This?

I'm up to Cabin Fever in my re-watch and this exchange occurs at the Dharma open grave.

HURLEY: What's he doing down there?
(Ben shrugs)
HURLEY: So... This is where you shot Locke and left him for dead, huh?
BEN: Yes, Hugo, I was standing right where you are now when I pulled the trigger. Should have realized at the time that it was pointless, but... I really wasn't thinking clearly.
(Hurley steps back a little)
HURLEY: Is that why you killed all these people, too?
BEN: I didn't kill them.
HURLEY: Well, if the Others didn't wipe out the DHARMA Initiative--
BEN: They did wipe them out, Hugo, but it wasn't my decision.
HURLEY: Then whose was it?
BEN: Their leader's.
HURLEY:But I thought you were their leader.
BEN: Not always.

So who was the leader when the Purge was ordered? Was it Widmore? Was it not the case that Ben stole from Widmore when the DI was purged, but rather that Widmore purged the DI and Ben took over later? Oooh. Interesting.


lost2010 said...

I kind of hope it's some sort of time loop where Locke actually ordered the purge or something really nuts along that line. . .

andrew. said...

- the simplest answer is that it was Alpert. the next simplest answer is that it was Jacob.

memphish said...

I'm not sure it's Alpert or Jacob because I don't think Others' leaders go ex-officio and hang around. I think Alpert for some reason is always the No. 2. Probably has something to do with bloodlines or ability sets. It could be Jacob I suppose with this exile being on Island rather than off Island like Ben's. But the way the conversation goes leads me to believe it was someone who lead in the more traditional sense like Ben.

lost2010 said...

Or Alpert is too smart to take that #1 position. . .after all, the #2 doesn't seem to ever get banished.

pgtbeauregard said...

I would like to know who Jacob is.

That would answer everything!!

Capcom said...

LOL, Lost2010!

Agreed PGT. And I want to know why Jacob said, "Help me." Maybe Jacob is just a dead person whose spirit needs a body.

Ellen said...

I still think that you are correct, Capcom. A disembodied spirit would definitely fit the scenario! Maybe he is "unstuck" and his constant is the chosen leader...or maybe Christian needs Jack on the island as his constant. uh oh, I feel brain-freezes coming on! :D