Monday, February 02, 2009

Circular Locke

I have to credit You All Everybody from The Transmission episode about Jughead for starting me off down this path. Here goes.

In 1954 Widmore meets John Locke and witnesses him having a big tete-a-tete with Alpert, consigliere of the Others. Clearly this level of access makes Locke important. In fact young Widmore may have discussed the meeting with Alpert and learned exactly what John claimed namely that he is the leader of the Others in 2005.

In 2003/4 Abaddon intercepts wheelchair-bound Locke in rehab and encourages him to go on a walkabout, said walkabout that will result in John being on Flight 815 on September 22, 2004.

The encounter between Locke and Abaddon and Abaddon's relationship to Widmore has always puzzled me. But now that I know Widmore has known about time traveling Locke since the 50s, it's starting to make a bit more sense. Widmore sends Abaddon to Locke to make sure he's in place for that plane trip because Locke must crash on the Island. What's more, he must crash on the Island in order to replace Widmore's nemesis, Benjamin Linus.

It makes me wonder, will we see some time cop, an Other, Mrs. Hawking, Abaddon, etc. making sure that Kate's Australian farmer knows about her fugitive status and the much-needed reward about a week or so before 9/22/04? I've always suspected that someone got to Claire's psychic after all he gives her the ticket for Flight 815. Does that mean someone killed Christian Shephard? Did Paik set the timing for the watch delivery trip at Widmore's behest?

And were there wildcards? We've seen almost step by step how Hurley went to Australia after his father tried the fake psychic bit and how he almost missed the plane. And what about Sayid? Same sort of thing. But for Islamic burial traditions he would have left a day earlier. And what about Michael and Walt? Did someone send Walt's stepfather at just the right time? In fact did someone insure Walt's mom's death at just the right time?

But back to Locke. We've already seen him send Richard to his birth? Does he also have Widmore send Abaddon? And is Locke in fact Jacob? And old theory, but a goodie, sending not only others to help him along the way, but telling Locke himself to "Help Me." I can certainly picture Locke screwing things up in such a way that would allow Ben to manipulate him for those years he ruled the Island, getting trapped by an ash ring or what have you. Still doesn't explain the Others reverence for Jacob as we saw in various Juliet flashbacks or the Room 23 film. But hey, we've got most of two seasons left after all.

Anyways (ding) I just wanted to get this down early in case it pans out.


Capcom said...

Richard as consigliere, good word. Let's see who first notices RA brushing his cheek/jaw with the back of his hand. :-D

Good posts and thoughts. Although I'm still having some trouble understanding why all these people have to "make sure" that certain people get to certain places, as long as the Universe can supposedly course-correct itself without any help from anyone. But then, I've had this problem ever since Mrs.H made Des to go back to the island.

But to add to your good questions, did someone also force Walt's stepdad to give him back to Mike?

maven said...

I'm wondering if course correcting is happening or there is some sort of overall master plan for Locke to become Jacob. Are people like Hawking, Widmore,Alpert and Abaddon (maybe even Paik and Hanso) guardians of the one true time line? And when rules are changed or hotheads (like Jack talking to the freighter)do something to screw up the plans, these people are sent in to get things on track. Maybe that's our Losties were gently nudged to be on Flight 815.

pgtbeauregard said...

Love your theory (s). I have always thought that everyone was on the plane on purpose. Just for the wrong purpose.

Everyway along the road there has been someone making sure the pieces fall into place.

Like the idea about Locke being Jacob.

Still think the end will be Jack waking up in the jungle with Ben's stick next to him.

memphish said...

Did you listen to Jay and Jack's Listener Theory of the Week PGT? The first one, there were 2, was that the end of the show will be Jughead exploding and taking out the Island and all those on it. I kind of like that idea since it leaves no loose threads for FanFic.

pgtbeauregard said...

Hadn't heard that one yet. I think Jughead is in the swan, and that's why Sayid made the comment about Chernobyl.

Have abandoned my theory about Kate being an Other.

If Jughead blew up on the island, would everyone die, or would the island heal them?

Kyle/thebookpolice said...

My favorite brainbender is that Abaddon somehow is Alpert. Borrowing from my Pariah theory, maybe the Earth-3 Alpert. The rest of that episode has Alpert coming to meet Locke, but then in the rehab clinic, it's Abaddon. He talks about how he went on his walkabout, and came out an entirely different person. How literally do we feel like taking him?

memphish said...

Kyle, what about the fact that Alpert is on Island with the Others/Ben/Locke when Abaddon assembles the team of head case, anthropologist, ghostbuster and drunk? Surely that will end any of that craziness.

Kyle/thebookpolice said...

Well, 1) are you sure about that? ;), and 2) I did say alternate reality Alpert. Alpert from a different timeline. Like how Evil Kirk and Evil Spock all had fu-manchus. Evil Alpert is Abaddon.

Sayid'sgirl said...
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Sayid'sgirl said...

pgtbeauregard said:
Hadn't heard that one yet. I think Jughead is in the swan, and that's why Sayid made the comment about Chernobyl....
....If Jughead blew up on the island, would everyone die, or would the island heal them?

I think jughead is under the Swan too.
The Swan is underground and jughead is under the Swan encased in concrete. I don't know how deep it is but would it destroy the island if it blew when Desmond turned the key? I'm saying there wouldn't be any damage but would it be destroyed? Also the Swan had blast doors ( as far as I know the only station the did)which were down when the key was turned.
Plus h bombs give off an emp when they blow and Tom said that every since the sky went purple the coms had been out.
I could be completely wrong but until I'm proven wrong I'm going to stick with that opinion.

Sayid'sgirl said...

should be I'm not saying there wouldn't be any damage....