Thursday, April 30, 2009

Season 6 Prediction

So following The Variable and the preview after it I have come up with this idea for how Season 5 ends and what happens in Season 6. I think Season 5 ends with the Losties managing to blow up the Swan in time. The Island is destroyed and they all die in 1977.

Then Season 6 is 17 episodes consisting of character episodes where we see what happened to each original Lostie on Flight 815 plus Desmond plus Ben and possibly Juliet from the time Flight 815 lands on time in Los Angeles until they each die sometime before 2008 because by 2008 they will all be dead due to the explosion in 1977.

Given that most of predictions never ever happen, this probably won't either, but I want to be on record just in case.


Desiree' said...

What if the Losties setting off Jughead at the swan site is what causes the "incident"? Whatever happened, happened. Maybe?

Herlihy said...

I like this theory.

I just think that it might be a bit difficult wrapping up some of the questions on the island that haven't been answered yet. Like what's claire been doing? Why Jacob needed saving? et al. Plus, it might be a little bit difficult for Cuselof to get back actors like Eko and Michael and Ana Lucia. Also, there's the whole Walt thing, what with him being 8ft tall now.

Amused2bHere said...

You said: until they each die sometime before 2008 because by 2008 they will all be dead due to the explosion in 1977.


omg temporal theories always make my head hurt!


memphish said...

Yes, my basic idea is that at the end of S5 everyone on the Island dies, that is their bodies that are the age they would be in 2007/8 are destroyed by the hydrogen bomb in 1977. I'm not really sure what that means for those on the Island in 2007/8 like Locke, Ben, Sun, etc because they're on a place that won't exist.

But as for those killed in 1977 when we go back and see the plane land in 2004 the universe will course correct to make them die in 2007/8 at the same age their bodies are destroyed in 1977. Brain cramping I know, and again I never get these things right. And after a few days reflection I'm feeling like Daniel's death may demonstrate that they can't avoid the 815 crash on the Island. But we'll see.

neoloki said...

I don't think you got that right. The idea faraday presented was that if they destroy the swan before the incident happens then the plane never crashes so they land safely at lax in 2004. This presupposes that they would not die in 1977 so they would go on living as normal from 2004 on. If they died in 1977 there would be no 2007/2008 because 1977 is their present time. The last you would see of Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid in 2007 would them being flashed off of Ajira flight 316.

memphish said...

But there is a 1977 aged Kate, Jack and Hurley and Sayid already in 1977 neoloki. It is those versions that will land in LA in 2004. That's why I think they have to die before 2008 to reunite with their 2008 aged bodies which are destroyed by a hydrogen bomb in 1977. I think their present bodies do die. I don't think you can avoid dying if you're on an Island with a hydrogen bomb. Instead their past will change from September 22, 2004 on until their deaths. I know this creates a predistination paradox in that their 2007 selves can't return to the Island to set off the bomb, but I can live with that.

andrew. said...

my theory (that i doubt will come true):
the shocker ending of Season 5 is Oceanic 815 landing safely in LA.
Then season 6 starts with everyone blissfully unaware of their island adventure, including characters we've seen die off. But by the end of episode 1, people are seeing trippy stuff (ala Hurley) and characters that died on the island start meeting bizarre endings as the universe course corrects ala the Final Destination films.

the problem, as others have mentioned, is that this twist requires yet another 'got to get back to the island to fix things' plot line.

beer said...

haha. simply from a fan/viewer satisfaction perspective, this is pretty silly.