Saturday, May 16, 2009

So What Happened In "The Incident?"

Update: Thanks to Gitsie Girl for this screencap! Boy what a great finale. I really enjoyed watching it. I really enjoyed re-watching it. And I even like the idea that I have no idea what could possibly happen next.

One thing though seemed to be clear. Jack failed to prevent "the Incident." Before the bomb could go off the Incident occurred. The pocket of magnetism was breached and was uncontrollable resulting in a catastrophic injury to Chang's arm and the need to create the button pushing protocol. Fitting that Radzinsky, the one that created the Incident was subjected to years of button pushing monotony to the point of insanity and ultimately suicide. Well, that's how it would have worked if the fall had killed Juliet.

Because the second thing that seems clear is that Juliet blew the dike. I think what Juliet did was the equivalent of what Desmond did at the end of Season 2 when he turned the failsafe key. But I don't think the result will be the same. I don't think we'll see a naked Juliet running around the jungle. Sorry guys, but you can rent Gia if you feel the need to see that.

Instead I think what will happen is what did happen in part in Flashes Before Your Eyes in that those close enough to the dike being blown will have memories of their futures as they live their lives from some point in the past. In Desmond's case his 1995/6 body post fall off a ladder contained memories of the Island. While it's not clear if the cricket bat to the head stopped that for Desmond, I'm not convinced that it did. I think the reason Desmond training for the Race Around the World knew that Jack fixed Sarah because he remembered that on Island Jack told him he'd fixed Sarah. This deja vu is imperfect, but I think it is nevertheless present as this scene demonstrates.

So what does this mean going forward into 2010 and Season 6 where Destiny will be Found? I think Flight 815 will crash on the Island. It won't be because of the Swan, it will be for some other reason, but the universe will course correct and bring 815 down on the Island. I also think that the people we find on the plane will not be the same sad lot we first found on September 22, 2004. I think at least part of the flashbacks we saw in The Incident demonstrate that the 815ers have made different choices. The most obvious is Jin and Sun.

In Season 1, Episode 17 In Translation we saw Sun and Jin on their wedding day.

Sun was changing out of her wedding dress into her reception dress. You'll notice both of these are dresses with straps. You can also see that Jin was in morning dress.

Now here's what we see in "The Incident."

Strapless wedding dress and different suit. And different reception dress.

It also looked like during the ceremony that Jin had relatives there. Is this Mr. Kwon?

Finally all I want to know is if it's 2010 yet? While I have lots of fun things to do between now and then, I can't wait for it to get here. Until then, I'll get out my Flannery O'Conner and try to stay lost.


Capcom said...

Heheh, Gia.

Good post, and also for catching the different wedding clothes!

Do we know for sure that the bomb went off and that it wasn't just the mangentic energy releasing a wormhole? :-D

I'm fully into some deja vu effect happening for some things, that would be interesting.

memphish said...

Capcom, I don't know from wormholes, so I tend to ignore them.

But now look what I've found in the transcripts.

In In Translation Sun and Jin discuss delaying their honeymoon.

SUN: [subtitled] What about our honeymoon?
JIN: [subtitled] Sun, you know I want to. It's just that right now -- I want your father so see I'm committed.
SUN: [subtitled] He won't hold it against you. After all, I'm his daughter.
JIN: [subtitled] In 6 months -- after my management training is all done.
SUN: [subtitled] I'm just as important as his car company.
JIN: [subtitled, putting a white flower in her hair] I promise -- we'll have the honeymoon -- we always dreamed of.

But in "The Incident" (no transcript yet from Lostpedia) they tell Sun's aunt they'll start working on a family on the honeymoon. Not completely definitive, but Sun doesn't act like that time won't come for 6 months.

Capcom said...

Oooh, good work! Something is afoot here, and you have found it Sherlock! X-D You're right, it doesn't exactly sound like consummation is going to be delayed, heheh.

BTW, I think that if you can get a cap of the black logo ending and reverse the polarity on it, that's all that the white end logo is.

pgtbeauregard said...

I can totally buy into this theory. You're right about the clothes and honeymoon, and it certainly looks like Jin has family there - they went to a great deal of trouble to show his and her side of the aisle.,

Did Juliet set off the bomb? Don't know, and if she did, does it alter everything?

Great catch Memphish.

Capcom said...

What worries me is that TPTB said that they don't want to make the story go to a place that will make us not be able to believe what we've seen in the story previously (e.g. with alternate timelines)...and all this different/changed/weird stuff is making me feel exactly like that. Humph.

Well, they told us that it wouldn't get all SciFi either. :-B

beer said...

i figured that juliet actually caused the incident, because it wasn't done properly. if it had done properly, as daniel hypothesised, then the energy may have been properly negated and there would be no incident. at this point, though, it's really blind speculation.