Saturday, May 10, 2008

Questions from Cabin Fever

And here's some extra credit discussion questions:

1. Who is working with whom and to what end? Be sure to discuss Widmore, Abaddon, Alpert, Ben, Jacob, The Island, Locke, Keamy, the rest of the Freighter 4, and Christian Shephard.

2. What happened to Claire?


Capcom said...

Good Qs!

I'm getting the feeling that Locke was being courted by two sides for different people. I'm not sure exactly how the org chart should be set up, but it seems as if one side looks to peaceful gains (for the most part, if you exclude the Purge) and one side has more nefarious intentions. I kind of think that Alpert was trying to get Locke to go to the peaceful side, but he chose the violent knife instead of the more peaceful, intellectual choice (whichever one that may have been). I think that's also why Alpert went away disgusted, in addition to his disappointment that Locke may have known which one to choose, but Johnny Rebel chose the one that he wanted, i.e., the knife. Because of course, no one tells him what to do. That may be why Alpert said that he was not ready, because John was not ready to submit to any powers higher than himself to be a useful leader of the island.

I think maybe that Widmore was involved with the D.I., so the Purge was constructed by Jacob and Co., to get it back.

So far, I think that the island moves around like our TLC theory of floating Alcatraz, but I totally hope that it can go time-wise too momentarily, and then comes back to the "present". It would be awesome if they can move the island to the Bali area, to place the O-6 zodiac with the freckage, and then go back to it's Fiji postion after the rescue is completed.

Capcom said...

P.S. I still have no clue what is going on with Claire.

maven said...

Like we noted over at TLC, all these players make for a very confusing organizational chart! Some of them might also have two motives/agendas. I would put Widmore on the top of the chart. He hired Abbaddon to get together the science/peaceful team to work on harnessing/understanding the island's properties. He hired Keamy to be the forceful do the extraction of Ben, which has now escalated to the secondary protocol to torch the island. These two groups definitely seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. One wants to work with the island, one wants to destroy it. This part confuses me.

On the island I think Richard Alpert might be the top dog, orchestrating the ascendency of the Chosen Ones. I think Ben is an interim leader since John proved not ready. He's ready now, once he was manipulated to get to the island, and he's replacing Ben. And Aaron is now being groomed to follow John.

I think that Widmore has had a relationship with the island in the past. A cool idea would be that he is, in fact, Magnus Hanso...not aging like Richard Alpert. Maybe Richard was even Magnus' First Mate! But there seems to have been a split, which maybe happened around the time of the Purge. Richard didn't like the way the DI was going, and felt a need to clean the slate and keep the island pure.

Like, Capcom, I'm not sure what happened with Claire. I'm leaning to her being killed in the blast. Why else would she leave Aaron alone in the tree and go off with her Dad (whom she last saw in Australia on not such good terms)?

memphish said...

Great job ladies!

Capcom, I especially like your idea about Locke not liking to take orders. Ironic given his chosen professions back in the real world. But even on the Island where he essentially told Jack to be in charge, Locke has almost never done what Jack asked him to do or wanted him to do.

Maven, I agree that one of the most confusing things to me is this idea that Keamy may torch the Island. I can see Widmore assembling the F4 in order to eliminate them from the real world, so that makes some sense to me. :) But won't torching the Island make it useless or at least less useful? Is it really just about owning something no matter how little it's actually worth? I hope not.

Capcom said...

Heheh, yes right, John was pretty much of a lacky in the real world wasn't he. That's why most rebels don't have a clue. :o)

I didn't get the torching thing either, since the first time it was mentioned, and not anymore by now either. What's the point in burning down the island, except like you said, if he can't have it no one can. Sheesh.