Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Been A Long Time . . .

Well, LOST has been off the air for over 1 week -- only approximately 32 weeks to go. :-p

And I've been "away" even longer than that. I was out of town the week of the finale, and as a result, I'm waaaaayyyyy behind on reading and listening to all the goodies I usually read and listen to post LOST episodes. Of course, with the hiatus staring us in the face, I've got time.

My plan for the off season is to keep posting some fun polls and discussion questions. It probably won't be a question a day, but we'll see how many things we can come up with. I'm also reading LOST books and books that remind me of LOST, so I'll have some of those posts as well starting with Book 4 of the Dark Tower series which I finished back in April, but have not posted about yet. And hopefully, we will indeed get a new ARG to kill some time judging from the Octagon Global Recruiting ad.

And now, with no further delay, here's my first question about the finale:

And be sure to add your comments (spoiler-free please) as to what you think about whether or not we'll see Jin dead or alive in the future.

Peace and Namaste!


Capcom said...

I voted No, but my actual answer would be that I don't know what to think but I sure don't want him to be! :-(

Now that we saw Sun watch the ship blow up, we can certainly understand why she lives as if Jin is dead, as per the cemetary scene with Hurley. She probably believes that he is. But I hope not, DDK/Jin is such a great part of the show, IMO.

Looking forward to your posts this summer hiatus Memphish! :-D

Sayid'sgirl said...

I voted no. This was probably an editing thing but when they show the boat blow up there isn't anyone on deck. All the hands were grabbing life vests and getting ready to get off. So I'm hoping they and Jin escaped the boat before it blew up. Not that I'm sure they'd be safe if they did, but hoping.
Plus there hasn't been any exit interviews with him yet which could mean they just want to keep it secret until next year or he's alive.
We'll have to wait and see.