Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sawyer -- Leader or Con Man?

I listened to The Transmission's recent Long Con podcast and they got into a discussion of Sawyer and his evolution. It led to speculation about what we can expect from Island-stranded Season 5 Sawyer and so I ask:

This is one of the things I'm really interested to see. Will Sawyer step up and assume the role Hurley created for him or will he remain an Every Man for Himself and allow Juliet to take charge? Who else might assume leadership? Rose?


Lost 2010 said...

Can we have a somewhere in between choice?

I hope he remembers that Claire is missing and goes off on a valiant search to find her. . .hopefully taking Juliet along so that they can toss snappy one-liners at each other.

I think he's grown, but I don't know that he was ever ready to take on a 'mayor of the beach' role. Maybe by the time Locke leaves to get the O6 though, he'll leave Sawyer in charge.

Capcom said...

Well he's been through a lot since the crash, and evolved from a guy who pretends to care for no one but himself, into a guy who can really act on his caring and save people. Maybe now he'll do the "new sheriff in town" thing, but be a nice sheriff of the beach this time. :-)

The big question is, can Sawyer rule the beach and Locke rule Otherville without locking horns?

And now that the island has "moved", I can't imagine what bad things could happen, unless it stems from infrastructure conflict like that. Most of the Losites are gone, Ben is gone, Widmore's baddies are gone, what bad guys are left to cause trouble? Unless Locke starts blowing things up again or Charlotte and Miles have their own ideas of interfering.

memphish said...

I think you may be on to something Capcom. Maybe DI related Charlotte and Miles will try to wreak revenge on Richard's Shoeless Joe Others. I think the idea of conflict between Widmore's leftovers and Locke's people with Sawyer et al in between could well be the cause of the bad things.

Capcom said...

Good points. Right, if Miles and Charlotte are related to the DI, they're not going to be happy to see the peeps who wrecked Utopia. Charlotte's gonna be clonking some heads again. :-) And I want to finally see Miles talking with some dead DIs, dangitt.

TPTB sure have a lot of 'splaining to do.