Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I'm Giving Up on the LOST ARG

Well, I had high hopes that the new LOST ARG announced during the Season 4 finale was going to be the thing that would keep LOST fans, and especially me, going until February 2009. So I waited the two months until Comic Con. Then I waited until the Monday after Comic Con. And I've waited and waited and despite saying it's coming today I'm still waiting and --

NOW I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I've been waiting for the cable guy. This is worse than Bell South which gives you an 8am-5pm appointment. And after reflecting on what I learned from Find815 I now deem the frustration which this game is causing me in no way worth the amount of information I could possibly learn from the game. After all, Episode 4.2 gave us in 2 minutes what a month of playing Find815 gave us.

So I'm out. Good luck if you're going to keep playing. I'll still know when something happens given my current RSS feed subscriptions, but other than giving it a cursory glance that's it for me. Come end of January I'll check Lostpedia for the summary, but that's it. Later.


Capcom said...

Welcome to the quiter's club. Come on in, the water's fine! :-D

I wonder if we'll ever know what happened.

Lost 2010 said...

You too? :)

Actually, I'll probably give it a few days for the traffic to settle down and then give the puzzle a shot. I don't really care to follow the story anymore but I kind of like a good puzzle.

Capcom said...

Yeah, I'll wait for the puzzle frenzy to die down before I take it too. I don't care how I rate on the board. Mostly I just like to watch the overall game story unfold, like with TLE, but I don't know how much story we'll get from this one.

pgtbeauregard said...

I'm out too!

It just didn't get off to a good start, not interesting enough.

Lost Unlocked said...

I share your frustration...

Lost 2010 said...

It's not so much the waiting as the very small payoff you get when something does happen. Does that make sense? I didn't even try to do the puzzle til late last night and I had no problem getting in - incidentally - but it's just sort of dull after the payoff with the other two games.

No little video snippet - no jumble of letters magically turning into words - just 67% and please recruit your friends to the Dharma Initiative.

Why would I want to recruit my friends. . .I wish I'd never signed up myself.

Whining over. :)

Izikavazo said...

It's going pretty good now, obviously this ones going to be pretty slow, compared to the other two, but I think that will ened up bringing more people in. I gave up on the other two, becuase I didn't have hours to spend on the internet.
So come back in as a casual player, it's more fun than way.