Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will The Shoeless Others and 815ers Merge?

Boy it really is starting to feel like Survivor isn't it. At this point lots of people have been voted off via death and now a new set of people, the O6 + Ben and Desmond and Lapidus have been voted off as well. So is it time for the tribes to merge?

On the one hand we have the Locke "led" Richard Others which should also include Cindy, Zach, Emma and a handful of other Tailies plus some of those who purged Dharma and any newer recruits to the cause that weren't taken out since 815 arrived. And then we've got I'd guess roughly 20 815ers most notably Sawyer, Rose, Bernard and Frogurt plus Juliet and Miles and Charlotte and possibly Faraday and 3 or 4 others. And we've got the ultimate Island wildcard in Claire.

So what sort of interaction do you predict we'll see in Season 5. Presumably those left in the 815 camp are not list-worthy, but is there even anyone at Richard's camp (I refuse to put Locke as the leader of that group) who can even communicated with Jacob? Is the really bad thing that happens that Richard or Jacob tells Locke that they have to purge those not on the list? But then where will Sawyer and Vincent hide? Those are really the only 2 I care deeply about, especially Vincent. I'm a big yellow lab fan.

Any ideas?


Lost 2010 said...

Locke's going to be the new puppet leader of the Others - if you allow that Richard is really in charge and always has been ;)

I'm sort of wondering if we won't end up with two detachments back on the island.

Locke at the Other Camp with Rose and Bernard to say sensible things that make Locke seem all the crazier.

And Sawyer roaming off into the jungle to find Claire - taking Juliet, Charlotte, and Miles with him. And Vincent. A search party wouldn't be complete without Vincent :) Lost seems to like search parties made up of four people and a dog.

Capcom said...

I agree with that about Richard up to this point.

I think that they might be split for a while, until something brings them together by necessity.

Miles might go off with Locke, if Rose still won't let him eat any peanuts. :o)

Juliette Rossant said...

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