Monday, August 11, 2008

How Does Locke Know the O6 Are Alive?

It dawned on me as I speculated about the O6's return to the Island, how did Locke know he could leave the Island and go look for them? Last those on the Island knew was this:

which drove Juliet to drink and I'm begging you writers, not into the arms of Sawyer. Why would anyone on the Island have any reason to believe 6 people survived?

The couldn't watch the O6s return from the Flame:

This guy's not around to rig up something:

Nor this one:

So were they able to communicate from this location?

Or did these folks see the helicopter escape?

What's your best guess?


andrew. said...

i think there's a pretty good chance that the island/Jacob told him. Plus Richard Alpert seemed pretty handy at getting on & off the island.

one of the questions that the finale left me with was 'who are the Oceanic 6 so desperate to get back to the island to save?'
From their perspective, who's left on the island?: Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Miles, Charlotte, Claire(?
), Locke (and i guess they could assume Sawyer survived jumping out of a helicopter and swimming back to the island)

maybe i'm heartless, but the only characters they feel any affinity for = Juliet, Claire & Sawyer.

memphish said...

I can't figure out what they are going back to either Andrew. Absent time travel, what's done is done right? And it's going to be interesting to see Jack the cynical scientist convince the rest of them they can "go back" in time and change things because that's the only way I can think if that going back could help. And how far back? Before Sun got pregnant? Then what happens to Ji Yeon? I'm glad I'm not in charge of this. I hope the writers enjoy writing out of it.

Lost 2010 said...

Someone ran a boat aground on the island. Sawyer (desperate for reading material) scavenged the wreck and found several back issues of People Magazine featuring a series of articles on the famed Oceanic Six.

Including one with the headline splashed across Kate Austin's picture "Who's the Baby Daddy?". At which point, he had a mild heart attack and had to be resuscitated by Juliet - - who also pointed out that the baby in the picture was Aaron.


memphish said...

LOL Lost2010. That cracked me up. Maybe it can be a Fed Ex package of People that washes on shore. If Charlie was still alive :-( he'd tell Sawyer he shouldn't open it, but Sawyer would anyway.

Lost 2010 said...

Since when has being dead kept Charlie from talking to anybody? ;)

Capcom said...

Did you just reveal some spoilers Memphish? J/K Heheh, I can already hear Jack's whiney voice as he's trying to convince the O6-ers to go back. :-p Peppered with plenty of quintessential "Jack-face" of course!

That may be how he detoxes, no one will listen to him as a drugged-addled Grizzly Adams, so he's gonna have to kick the habit(s). I hope that we don't have to see that part either.