Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Couple of Season 5 Ideas From Comic Con . . . And Plans

I'm going to try to put this in a dark font so that you have to highlight it to read, but CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED that I intend to talk about ideas I've come up with as a result of information released about Season 5 during Comic Con. There are some broad spoilers in that material and I'll be talking about them. If you don't want to know STOP NOW! No, I mean it.

Okay, you were warned. Here goes:

So I think Jin is definitely dead. The reason I think this is that they said the redshirts ferried to the Freighter are dead. It would take a Heroes level of incredulity to believe that everyone near the boat but Jin died. So while I love Jin, and frankly can't figure out how he's going to continue to be in the story if he's dead, something else they confirmed, I hope for the sake of the story he's dead.

I think we won't see Locke's death until the final 1 or 2 hours of Season 5. Why show it any sooner? You've got at least 2 1/2 years of storytelling to do in 17 hours, so of course they are going to drag out Locke's return to the real world and his death.

And finally -- the thing I'm most looking forward to in Season 5 is Rousseau's story! There's no way they'll manage to answer all the questions I have about her I'm sure, but I'm ready, willing and able to take anything they'll give me, and I can't wait.

My one regret about Comic Con, other than my absence from it, is that no one asked the questions I wanted answers to. Oh yeah, and that I didn't get to get up close and personal with Matthew Fox like this fan. And be forewarned, it looks like from that photo that he got another new tattoo on his inner right arm. Yes I looked that closely. But thankfully with only 34 hours left there is no time for another Jack tattoo story. There isn't! You hear me Damon and Carlton?

Now for the near future . . . School starts in 3 weeks (from this past Monday), so my plan is to take a blogging break until that kicks in. Then I think I may start rewatching, maybe 1 episode from Season 4 a week. We'll see. And of course, I'm following the OGR ARG. And you can too starting over at Lost ARGs. Hopefully that will keep us entertained for the remainder of the hiatus. And keep me from being tempted to look at the spoilers which will start trickling out in the next few weeks.


Lost 2010 said...

Jin's not dead. I have faith. Daniel and his zodiac picked him up and they are ferrying him to whatever time and place they ended up. On the other hand, they may well let us believe he's dead for a good while yet. :)

Rousseau's story will be a big payoff. I just hope they don't let whoever wrote Kate's trial write it. I've been waiting for that one for such a long time.

I'm not sure I can handle following Locke around trying to convince the "Gloom,Despair, and Agony on Me" crowd to come back to the island for 2 seasons - unless they're going to use a heck of a lot of Ben in that storyline. I'd rather see him die fairly early in Season 5 and become the new Jacob.

Capcom said...

I concur. :-)

pgtbeauregard said...

Ditto Lost 2010. Jin isn't dead. Locke isn't the best guy to try to convince "folks" the "way to go".

andrew. said...

- what i got from the red shirts comments was that we'd be seeing Daniel Faraday again, but not the rest of his crew. I expect Faraday to wash up on the shore of the island.
- i expect Jin to show up out of the blue in the "real world" after Sun has taken a turn for the villainous, introducing new tension into their relationship.
- i agree that Locke's death will probably come late in the season. That way it would be a mystery whether or not Locke was going to return for season 6.
- So far it looks like season 5 will be about the Oceanic 6 making their way back to the island, while those left on the island deal with the others. Do you think we'll get to see "Jeremy Bentham"'s visits with the Oceanic 6? or will they just more forward from the reveal of Locke's coffin?