Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do Flash Forwards Drive You To This?

1. Will there be Flash Forwards in Season 4 or will they go the way the arctic listening post and 4-toed statue did in Season 3?

2. Will there be Flash Backs in Season 4?

3. Is Jack's Flash Forward set in stone?

4. Will we ever see Flash Forwards from a time after Through The Looking Glass's Flash Forward?

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stephsmith said...

I predict we will see some ff but more fb in season 4. I believe Jack's ff is set in stone. And season 4 will be what happened immediately following Jack's phone call to the rescue ship. Hey, I read that the scene of preggers Sarah and Jack in the ER was filmed on the Grey's Anatomy set. Neat.

pgtbeauregard said...

Yes, I believe we'll see some more flashforwards as well as some flashbacks (Danielle's would be good)
I don't believe Jack's ff is set in stone - could be course corrected several times. There must be some sort of time loop, or portal (they've hinted at this so much)

Memphish, you raise some good questions I hope will be answered in Season 4.

Now, is Naomi really dead (like Others, she seems to heal very quickly)