Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who Knows How and Where to Send the Food?

The food just keeps on dropping. Food dropped onto the
Island on Day 61 or so of our LOSTies time on the Island.
We know from the Sri Lanka video from The Lost Experience
that food drops were to come to the Island "in perpetuity."
We also know that you can enter 2-4 in the Flame's computer
for a pallet drop.

But here's the question--whoever is sending the food has to
know where the Island is, right? Why do Naomi's people described
by Ben as people who have been trying to find this island need
Naomi to find the Island? Why not follow the food?


memphish said...

Commenting on my own blog. It probably violates some code of ethics, but it's easier than editing the post.

Here's 2 more bits about the food drops that are interesting.

On the Blast Door Map there was a notation "P.R.D. Drop every 6-8 months. Fatalities: 5" P.R.D. according to the LOST puzzles means Periodic Resupply Drop. I wonder why 5 fatalities though? Were people hit by a falling pallet? Or was it 5 helicopter pilots who crashed after their instruments went wacky because of the Island like Naomi's did?

Then in Ben's Journal it says that resupply of camp gear has been missed. Is this becuase the LOSTies appropriated the food drop intended for the Others? Or did Ben's post-failsafe key radio silence cause the resupply to be missed?

PalmerEldritch said...

Where does the air drop come from? The Super Wal-Mart delivers.

Either that or it comes from some Dharma Packaging Plant we have yet to discover on the Island.

andrew. said...

that's the really curious thing. Somewhere in the world there is a big packing plant slapping generic Dharma labels on everything from industrial size containers of ranch dressing to theatrical glue. If i were the Scoobie Doo gang trying to track down the island that would be my first "jinkies!"

These palette drops need a flashback! Maybe Lost could do a crossover show with "How Things Are Made"

Is the log-carrier in the right hand corner holding tribbles?


memphish said...

Andrew, It's either Tribbles or a coconut bra top.