Thursday, June 14, 2007

You're Not Supposed To Do This.

Or Are You?

Locke tells Jack he's not supposed to make this call,
but is Locke right? Has he ever been right about who's
supposed to do what?

He told the man who ran the walkabout he was supposed
to do that.

But it seems that was wrong.

Locke told Boone they were supposed to open the Hatch.

But was that right? Boone wisely pointed out that if they
were supposed to open it, why hadn't they been able to.

And later Walt told Locke not to open it.

Then Locke thought they were supposed to push the button.

Until he didn't think that anymore.

So is Locke right about the phone?


Twinkle said...

Hi! I think they key is "supposed" according to whom? Locke was "supposed" to do the "walkabout" only on a different island than he knew. According so one Power, Locke was "supposed" to open the hatch and he was "supposed to push the button. But is the island good? But Walt and Boone might be closer to a different and conflicting Power where such things weren't "supposed" to be done? Am I making this sound confusing?

Anytime something is "supposed" to be done we have to ask "According to whom?" If there are Powers greater than our Losties, for instance Fate versus Island at war then the "supposed to"-s could be very contradictory.

PalmerEldritch said...

Boy, oh boy. My poor brain is trying to wrap itself around all your questions. :)

Ange said...

Personally, I think that Locke is too firm a believer in what he thinks he is supposed to do. Like Twinkle says...according to whom is this what he is supposed to be doing? That question, when it is answered, will decided if he was doing what he was supposed to. Although ultimately it is all relative to which group you identify with isn't it.

elias said...

OK - Locke was destined to be a hunter, just not so soon as his abortive walkabout.

He was supposed to open the hatch to save Desmond, but not to push the button - that was Eko's destiny.

Now the phone - I believe Ben is right that he is protecting the island from nefarious outside forces and Locke supports this position too. Jack in his FF obviously thinks he made a mistake and his leaving the island can be traced back to that phonecall.

I'm a massive Locke fan so I'm always going to twist the facts to fit a postive reflection of him and I'm not ashamed of this.

good question Holli - what do you reckon?

trevor mcfur said...

Holli, your posting made me wonder about something ... why were they not supposed to open the hatch? There was lots of foreshadowing in Season 1 about how opening the Hatch was going to be bad (Walt as you said, also Hurley seeing the numbers). But they rescued Dez, who, if he had to stay in there much longer alone, might have wound up killing himself, and not only would the button never have been pushed, but the failsafe would never have been turned. Has anything really bad come of them going down the Hatch?

memphish said...

Trevor, Good question. Maybe that will be one of my posts. But as a quick answer, banging on the Hatch kept Desmond alive, not going into the Hatch. Going into the Hatch led to the need to use the failsafe key, which led to the detectable anomoly and potentially the bad guys Jack just called. So if Naomi came because the sky turned purple, then ultimately going in the Hatch was bad.

trevor mcfur said...

True, banging on the Hatch did keep Dez alive. I would think, though, if the Lostaways decided to ignore the Hatch (and Dez never came out), that he would probably decline to the suicidal state again. You might be right, though, maybe the island's discovery by Naomi's people was the bad thing.