Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How Many Sides Are There?

2 players. 2 sides. One is light, One is dark.

The LOSTies, The Others, The Dharma Initiative,
Widmore, Paik, Mittelos Bioscience, The Hostiles,
The Other Others, The Mole People.

Is this a story of only 2 sides -- one light, one dark?
If so, who's light and who's dark? Are are there more sides
than 2?


capcom said...

In my not so humble opinion, there are a million sides to this story!! The light and dark, black and white, or good and bad, what have you, contain a million shades of gray in between them. And each person on the island stands in their own little spot of gray, or white, or black, that they have chosen according to their needs or agenda, which seems to be making almost everyone work at crossed purposes with each other. There, I said it. :o)

memphish said...

I don't know about a million Capcom, but I agree there are more than 2. It's funny how this black/white, light/dark theme seems to come up but never seems to play out cleanly.

I rewatched "White Rabbit" today and I think the light and dark, the two sides may even simply refer to the 2 sides in each of us, the hero vs. villain as I've crudely illustrated on Ben, the angel vs. the devil on our shoulder. The issue arose again for me today with Claire calling Kate on being a Gemini which is the sign for "The Twins." Ever since the appearance of "Bad Twin" I've been waiting for literal twins to show up on the Island, but maybe the twinning is within each character.