Monday, June 25, 2007

Was Flight 815 Really Off Course?

Were the pilot and Cindy involved in a plot to find or prevent
the finding of the Island? Crazy question, I know, but . . .

When Jack, Kate and Charlie find the cockpit, the body of
the co-pilot falls out the cockpit door, but the pilot and
passengers are strapped in. Why is the co-pilot not strapped
in, yet dead? Did the pilot take him out before he took out
the radio? Was he in league with someone to bring these
people to the Island as some think or was he even employed
by the same people employing Naomi in an attempt to locate
the Island? Was the pilot killed by Smokey because of this?

And Cindy, Cindy knew the radio was out and that they were
off course, she seemed genuinely frightened of the people stealing
passengers from the Tailie beach, but now she's very integrated
into the Others and her disappearance was very suspicious.
Why take Cindy so close to the Fusies and from a group unless
she's "One of You?"


capcom said...

I am inclined to agree with a lot of these points and I have suspected some of this since the beginning. I know that not many people like to think that there is a runway that could service a commercial jet on the island, but all kinds of traps are possible on a short runway. It's done all the time in the military when necessary. Especially if you don't care if the plane stays intact and can fly again, it would not matter if it broke up some during the trap. The plane could have been planned to land, but Desmond's faux pas with the numbers brought it down in a crash.

I also think that Cindy's disappearance was suspect. It seemed as if she more likely silently jumped down some rabbit hole into a tunnel, than got grabbed by the Others without a whimper.

All this about the plane being meant to reach the island kind of falls apart though, when you think about Ben and the Others’ animosity towards the Lostaways. Unless all the Others wanted was the children and they didn't give a rat's patooty about what happened to the adults on the plane, which of course is possible considering their general attitude towards their fellow human beings when protecting the Island.

pgtbeauregard said...

I agree with Memphish and Capcom, those on the plane were picked (too many connections to be coincidence), and were meant to either land on the island, or someplace close. If this was set up by the same people who sent Naomi, this could explain the anomosity from the Others.

capcom said...

Cool PGT, we are a small group who thinks this way I think! :-) Also as for Cindy, if the silly Gary Troup story has anything to do with anything, Cindy could have been assigned to meet Troup and get him to like her, and to get him on the plane so they could get rid of him and his theories on the V-Equation.

pgtbeauregard said...


thanks. and memphish, thank you for helping us losties keep our thinking caps on during the haitus.