Friday, June 22, 2007

How Did Jack, Locke and Rose Get
From Here

To Here


And Here?

Jack and Rose were sitting on Flight 815 next to one another
when the turbulence hit and Locke was one row behind Rose.
But when the plane crashed, Jack landed in the jungle, Locke
was on one part of the beach and Rose on another part of the

And they weren't the only passengers who were together on the
plane that were separated on the beach.

  • Jin is looking for Sun.
  • Michael is looking for Walt.
  • Shannon and Boone are separated though in all fairness that might be Boone's choice.
  • Kate and the Marshal are separated though that may be Kate's doing.
  • And everyone's favorites Nikki and Paolo are separated too.
I'm no Dr. Arzt, so is there a reason people would be so scattered
over the crash scene?


capcom said...

I'm going to go with the chaos aspect, that is, that everything just went all over the place at random like a people-bomb! But the juxtapositions in which TPTB placed everyone seems pertinent to getting the story going. Like Kate finding Jack in the forest to fix him up and start a more intimate "thing" between them. And some positions seem based on their personalities, for instance, Shannon is standing on the beach alone and screaming to whomever would come over and say "poor baby" to her, similar to the way she needs to "cry wolf" to pull Boone into her life to get out of jams. It's also interesting how they set up Ana Lucia as being a take-charge authority type person by being available to talk Bernard out of the tree.

stephsmith said...

Good point, Holli. I never thought about how the surviviors were spread out like they'd been mixed up in a blender before dumped out on the beach. Hmm.

stephsmith said...
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memphish said...

I think I found part of my answer in Ep. 1.7, The Moth. Kate and Sayid talk about surviving the crash and Sayid says the fuselage "cart-wheeled" through the jungle and I guess that caused people to be strewn about. I always suspected those seatbelts wouldn't be very useful.