Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dave? Smokey? Jacob?

What caused Hurley to see Dave on the Island? I guess
it could merely be the desire not to change his eating
habits like in Santa Rosa, but is that all it is? If
it's Island driven, was the Island/Jacob/Smokey/whoever
trying to cause Hurley's death? Unlike the case
with Jack's dad, Locke's dreams, Eko's dreams, Kate's
horse there didn't really seem to be any sort of upside
to the vision. So I guess it was all in Hurley's head.

And speaking of all in Hurley's head, Dave made a
pretty persuasive argument that the show is all in Hurley's
head. Just a prank by the writers? Yeah.

One little detail I noticed. When we first meet Dave
in Santa Rosa it's Taco Night. Just like newleywed


capcom said...

I have another question...are some of the writers sending out signals to their spouses about the dinner menu at home? :o) The way that some of them might be sending messages to their bad parents?

maven said...

I'm going with Dave being in Hurley's head. I don't think that Smokey/Jacob/the island was at Santa Rosa.

As far as Dave wanting Hurley to step off that cliff: If he was a manifestation by Hurley, that just shows that even "good ole, always happy Hurley" has issues and is fighting within himself. Why would the island/Jacob/Smokey want Hurley to hurl himself over the cliff?

Amused2bHere said...

If Dave is in Hurley's head, then perhaps he was the manifestation of Hurley's depression on the Island, and suicidal thoughts would not be odd.

On the other hand, if Dave was a manifestation of the Island, then perhaps it was being cranky or mischievious that day. If death has a different meaning on the Island, then playing dangerous games wouldn't phase the Island Child. I don't think it was Jacob, I think there is a devilish child toying with the Losties. And it doesn't care if anyone dies because it doesn't understand death.

ok, that probably didn't make any sense, but there it is...

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Oh, I think it was definitely the island speaking to Hurley. This was Hurley's test . . . the island resurrected the Dave delusion to confront Hurley with his past, and with his dependance upon Dave to justify certain actions. Hurley had let Dave go, but the island seems to love bringing these things up to see if people really have let them go. So, in this test, if Hurley finally defies Dave, he lives. If he fails, he dies. Sort of the way the island killed Eko for not repenting.

capcom said...

You mean like a child playing with a snowglobe Amused? Noooooooo! :-)

Hmmm, interesting point PAA.

Cool_Freeze said...

I can almost see the Writers literally telling us the secret to the whole show through a character's the whole thing with Hurley saying "Or another time" when he and Sayid were messing with the radio...