Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Libby Redeemed?

Libby's death when it came seemed to break the LOST
mold of a character finding peace or redemption only
to then lose their life (and no sex either.) But I
think Libby might have found that redemption though
a couple of episodes before her death which makes
her death more like Boone's (who also didn't get to
have sex on Island--that we know of.)

Libby's redemption came in Dave first where
she helped Hurley free himself of his slavery to his
food stash and again when she saved him from going
over the cliff. Now of course we don't know Libby's
backstory, but I'm guessing that being able to
validate Hurley and help him face down his demons is
going to prove to be her salvation. And thus on LOST
she must die.


capcom said...

Well, going on strictly face value and not putting any theories into it (SO hard!), I kind of thought that maybe Libby got her second wind/chance when she and Hurley got together, meaning that she maybe was able to get over losing her husband and all that, and start over with Hurley. But like I said, that requires a LOT of assumption that everything that we have seen her say is true. And that she was not really stringing Hurley along, which I for some reason partially feel she actually was doing.

And couldn't it maybe be said that Boone got his new lease on life when Locke "taught" him how to give up obssessing about Shannon? And then he died.

Now that you mention it, it kind of looks like TPTB are showing that finding redemption and/or self awareness is better off something NOT to do. :o)

Cool_Freeze said...

I really think that maybe Libby did fall for Hurley..but Libby seems like such a suspicious character and im thinking that might be revealed through a flashback of some sort.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I don't think Libby was redeemed because I strongly suspect that we don't really know Libby, as her story really hasn't been told.

Amused2bHere said...

Keep up the great work, Memphish. Hang in there! I know the strike is discouraging, but we will make it through.

I love the way your mind works, and this blog is a wonderful therapy for my Lost deprived psyche. Thank you!

As for Libby, I think you may be right. Alas, we may never know for sure.

memphish said...

Ah, PAA, you understood the hedging nature of my question mark. And thankfully A2BH, I think we will learn the story of Libby. Don't know when, but I'm pretty sure we will learn.

capcom said...

Right PAA, that's why I based my Libby theory strictly on what we saw, and not reading between any lines. That is, if her hubby did die, and it did affect her badly, and then she did fall for Hurley, then maybe she had an emotinal epiphany of some sort.

But do I believe only that? Not really, or at least I don't want to, heheh. I want her backstory to be juicy. :o)

Cool_Freeze said...

I do to Capcom! I want it to be so BIG and SO revealing that our jaws will still be dropped three weeks later!!! Yet..I don't want to get my hopes up. Like you said A2BH, the strike is really discouraging.


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I am convinced that Libby's story will be awesome. Damon and Carlton said she plays a bigger role in this story than we could've possibly imagined, and I'm inclined to believe that. Libby represents a whole part of this story we're not seeing.

andrew. said...

Like the rest of you, i hope that Libby's back story reveals a lot about the nature of the island or the forces trying to control it,

i think the redemptive death theory is a stretch. It's simply the case of the writers being good to the viewers by wrapping up the dying characters' storylines as cleanly as possible so that we can focus on the continuing story.
Look at some of the other island deaths and ask yourself if these people got redemptive deaths?
Sheriff Lady
Tom Friendly
Ms. Klue
Anthony Cooper
Gary Troup
Dr. Arzt

it's still possible that the island actively assists deaths when people get over their issues. Smokey did thrash Ecko. Boon's plane did dislodge from the cliff. The island did futz with everyone's heads before Shannon got shot. The spiders did mete out the disposal of Paulo & Nikki.

It still seems to me that a traitorious bastard, Michael, shot Ana Lucia & Libby, and only Ana Lucia's story was wrapped up.

capcom said...

Let's hope you're right PAA!

Andrew you have some great points! But didn't Troup have his epiphany during the Bad Twin book? Does that count? :o)

Perhaps all those other Other deaths can be attributed to the "infection" of the island eco/bio system by the intruding system of the Lostaways and everyone else that has the misfortune of plopping down upon it. The isolated entity of their society worked OK until the crash infected it with a new living system, i.e., the beach camp group. Just a thought on other kinds of deaths on the island.

memphish said...

Nice list Andrew.

The reason I ask the question though is that putting myself back into S2 watching mode Libby's death seemed so out of place because of this lack of redemption. But you're right to point out Joanna and Steve, the Marshal and Arzt they all died without a back story and a coming full circle as well. (Arzt arguably came half circle at least since he was on an A-Team mission when he died. :D)

But a character who got promo photos dying without redemption, now that was a new one.