Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why Would You Put Your Medical
Facility Underground?

And why for that matter would you put it so far from
your housing complex? I'm betting the Staff had a
purpose far different from the one the Others are using
it for now. In fact I'm certain Dharma didn't use The
Staff for costume storage.

Does anyone remember anything from the old DI websites
or TLE that would fit with an underground medical
facility? I think its pretty clear that The Staff is
not a mere DI infirmary. In fact does anyone have any
theories about why the DI facilities in the LOSTies
sector of the Island--The Swan, The Staff, The Pearl--are
underground when DI Village, The Flame and The Hydra
are not?


capcom said...

Interesting. To answer the under/over ground question, perhaps all the under ground stations were the secret ones? The Flame did have a pretty large area under it, so there might have been more going on down there too, with just the main communication equipment (and Patchy's mansion) above ground.

I like to go with the assumption (from the blast door map and hints like that) that there are underground tunnel networks too. According to Radzinski, the Staff station is one station over from the Swan (in the bagua pattern, for whatever that's worth to the DI), but if there really are tunnels beween the stations, maybe that infirmary would be specifically for supporting emergencies for that collection of stations.

Other than that, it might just be that the Staff was for medical experimentation ((shudder)) and they just wanted to keep all their experimentation stations in a general vacinity of each other.

There might be regular first aid stations inside Othertown for immediate treatment in that area. But if the DI was doing a lot of wacky experimentation in the BD-map configuration of stations, it would be a very good idea to have an ER close by for when some dope spills hydrofluoric acid on themselves, or when two anti-bunnies happen to hop together and blow off someone's arm. :o)

pgtbeauregard said...


I have always believed there is an underground network. Is that how Juliet and Ben got to the Pearl in S3?

It would make sense also, so that they could travel without danger from smokey.

Good questions!