Thursday, November 29, 2007

Will Kate Ever Learn About Sawyer and Ana Lucia?

No picture on this one. I just couldn't bear to look at it. So any bets on if/when/where Kate might learn that Sawyer lost his gun to Ana Lucia in a roll, roll, roll in the hay? It's hard to see how she could get upset about a one afternoon stand with a now dead girl, but Kate and her romances are not the most logical things in the world. Add raging pregnancy hormones on top (mere speculation, not spoil-ed) and this could explain how Kate would end up leaving the Island with Jack.


capcom said...

Oh man, you're right about that one, I could not believe that was happening when it did. :-p Dirty unbathed jungle luvvin. Anyway, Sawyer could very well get ticked off at Kate and proclaim that she wasn't the only one that jumped his bones on the island (even tho AL was only jumping him for the gun). You know how he gets snippy when he's mad!

Well, in return for your roll in the hay reference that put that movie in my head (you cracked me up when I read it!), wouldn't it have been funny when the blast door came down on Locke's legs if he said, "Put zee candle bekk!!!" :o)

Lost 2010 said...

Jack and Sawyer could get into some sort of argument in which Sawyer comes to regret confiding in his 'closest thing he has to a friend'.

She's always trailing around behind one or the other of them so Kate would be bound to overhear.

The writers seem to like to start the season with at least 2 groups of people, so I'm betting the ones on the beach won't immediately rejoin the ones at the tower anyway.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

She knows. I told her. And she is p***ed.