Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sayid Rocks!

I think this is my favorite LOST scene of all time.

"But still I did not believe it to be true."

I'm looking for an opportunity to use this line. I'm
betting my son's teenage years will give me just that


capcom said...

This is and always will be a really great scene!

Although it kind of ticks me off, or confuses me, how sometimes Sayid can have such clear intuition -- due to his experiences -- about a particular situation...but then at other times just when you expect his B.S. radar to kick in, he gets all clueless. And I am still floored at how he messed up the plan to get the Others with Dez's boat. I still keep expecting TPTB to show us how he meant for that to happen, in a sort of PeeWee Herman fashion. Like, he meant to have Sun shoot Colleen but to keep the boat.

I also thought at the Flame that by that time, Sayid would have learned to keep an eye on Mr.I-Have-To-Touch-Everything-Locke (especially after this scene), so that he would not wreck anything else that was useful to the Losties. I'm still shaking my head over that one. If it were Locke, Kate, and someone else, I can see Locke being able to freewheel his way to destruction again. But I thought that TPTB were making us believe that Sayid was like an Iragi James Bond, and smarter than that. Oh well.

memphish said...

I think Sayid's strength lies in the one-on-one type operation. His bigger plans have always been somewhat flawed as poor dead Scott can attest. Sayid has a blind side that gets him (and others) in trouble when he doesn't have people tied up.

His plans are almost as convoluted as Ben's which makes me wonder why The Others wouldn't see fit to recruit him. I guess repeated turning on your superiors and friends make him "not good."

Cool_Freeze said...

That line is awesome! That brings me back to the whole question of what Ben was doing when he got captured.

Yessifer said...

I love that line and scene. Capcom I agree with you. Sayid has a great BS radar, but it doesn't seem to work all the times. Especially when he gets distracted with satellite phones and ice tea.

memphish said...

Ice tea can be distracting. Nice to see you Yessifer!