Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why Haven't The LOSTies Been Able
To Pick Up The Others' Chatter?

Technical question. The Others seem intent on using Walkie
Talkies. We see Juliet leave one in The Pearl in Expose. They
use them both on Falcatraz and while on trek at the end of Season
3. Now I know that they aren't on them constantly like that
annoying Danielle transmission, but would Sayid have been able
to pick up The Others on his glorified walkie talkie had he tried?

And why didn't poopy pants Paolo or for that matter Sawyer use the
found walkie talkie during Season 3 either?

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capcom said...

Very good question. Boone and Bernard managed to cross airwaves, I wonder why Sayid only ever got Daniel and the Glenn Miller station.