Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So What Missing Moment Do You Want To See?

The internet is full of grousing about the mobisodes. So I'll open the floor. What 2-3 minute missing scene do you want to see? Be creative because this is my last post of this Thanksgiving week.

I think we'd all agree we want to see something that tells us something we don't already know. Arguably we got a little of that in Jack's missing moment. We learn that daddy issues go back at least another generation in the Shephard family, but the thing I'd rather have seen in that moment is where is Jack's mom? Why wasn't she at Jack's wedding?

The Hurley scene -- did this one tell us anything other than Rose and Bernard have a nice tent and Frogurt is a jerk? Maybe if something happens to Sawyer, Frogurt could become the guy you love to hate.

Here's a missing scene I'd like to see -- the scene where the pilot informs Cindy that the radio's gone out and that they are changing course. But the truth is, I only want to see this scene if there's something MORE to it. Something like knowing looks, winks and a nod, or better yet, the co-pilot saying to the pilot, "Why did you lie to her? We're headed to Indonesia not Fiji." And then the pilot takes out the co-pilot and keeps on flying with an evil grin on his face.

Yeah, mythology changing or at least clarifying missing moments. That's what I want!

Have a great Thanksgiving. Hope that something we'll be able to give thanks for soon is a settled writer's strike. And check back Monday for more LOST thoughts, questions and ravings.

P.S. I just saw modisode #3 and it was much more satisfying than numbers 1 or 2. Hope you all will enjoy it too.


capcom said...

I don't mind the Mobisodes so far, and hope that there is an overall arc to them that will be apparent later than sooner though. It would be interesting to see some Jacob. Or more DI-era station time....any station, but preferably the Swan maybe. Or to see someone talking about what it is they were digging for in the quarry.

OR, if TPTB are really generous, some captured Walt time. Now there's some missing time to talk about!

Cool_Freeze said...

I too am well...well number 2 was purely horrible. It wasn't even a lost moment..it was like made up jabble. I think all they wanted to satisfy us with is seeing frogurts face oh and Rose and Bernards Tent.

Yet, I liked number 1 and I hope that they do have some type of over all story arc to them.

Happy Thanksgiving. Remember, we don't have that long now. I see it over the horizon...somewhere. Oh wait..crap...there is a strike overshadowing the sun..never mind..we will see it eventually.


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I don't mind them. They seem meant to be just little moments from throughout the show's history, not anything informing the show's mythology.

capcom said...

P.S. have a nice Thanksgiving Memphish, and see you when you get back online! :-)

andrew. said...

i wasn't expecting much from the mobisodes. TPTB still have to accept the fact that most Lost viewers are the casual sort who aren't going to track down internet clips in the hiatus. So the mobisodes can be interesting or exciting or funny... but they can't advance the story in any significant way. With those lowered expectations, i thought these were fine. I do think the chess match was the best. (PS. Ben 'castles' at the end, it's not a checkmate like DarkUFO transcribed)

now for some missing scenarios i'd like to see:
- i agree w/ Capcom, a scene between Walt & Ms. Klue would be great.
- i also like the idea of a flashback to one of the established stations when DHARMA was still running things
- Cindy's grab or orientation w/ the others
- a 3 minute close-up of Kate's letter that came with the cash while she was on the run
- Mikhail's dead body floats towards the surface only to be gobbled up by the DHARMA shark
- the fairweather fans get their wish and Vincent digs up Nikki & Paulo... they're still dead & not as pretty.
- some random others gripe about having to wear fake beards and tattered clothes until the sensible one steps up to reiterate to them why it's all necessary.
- Sawyer gets run over by his ghost-boar again, so he starts talking to it, trying to bargain with it, saying he'll be a better person, "i was just kidding about all of that new sheriff stuff"
- The coroner pokes at the dead body of Christian Shepherd. "man, that guy is super dead. In all of my years dealing professionally with dead bodies, i've never seen somebody so completely, medically and metaphysically dead. Not even some derranged conspiracy theorist could come up with a plausible explanation to overturn my expert opinion that this guy is dead."
- Sun works in her garden. She gets a funny look on her face as she focuses on her wedding ring. The flashback kicks in and she's slow dancing with Jin in a moment of pure happiness... er, wait.
- Desmond explains to Claire that he continued to take the vaccine even though he knew there was no virus because he found it got him really drunk
- Ben & Kate finish their beach breakfast. Ben announces at the end 'see, nothing unsavory transpired. i can be a civilized man. By the way, if you keep wringing your hands like that you're handcuffs are going to chafe and people are going to think i mistreated you.'

memphish said...

Andrew, those are awesome! Keep 'em up people. It's a long weekend, and I've got a lot of relatives in town. I need the laughs. I love the Christian Shephard and the Coroner scene. What's more it would be a callback to the not dead girl in Eko's flashback.

andrew. said...

Nobody else wants to play? I'm so hungry for new LOST content.

- Michael & Walt sail away from the Apollo Ferry. Walt realizes that Vincent isn't on board and panics. Michael lets a tear go, hugs Walt's shoulder, and says 'I'll get you a new dog.' Walt gets his 1000 yard stare and says 'It's okay dad. He's not really Vincent.'

- Sawyer sits on the beach, reading Proust's 'Finding Time Again.'
Kate walks up to him, with her head cocked to the side.
Sawyer drawls with a grin,'You're between me and the setting sun, Freckles.'
'I didn't take you for such a romantic, James.'
'It's hard to make out the pictures in the dark.'
'Why are you doing all of this reading anyway? Trying to get your G.E.D.? Why don't you help out a little more, build up a little good will.'
'I've survived as much good will as i can handle Rainbow Bright. Besides, Jack seems to have all of the nurses he needs. Now, unless you're here for my sponge-bath, why don't you vamoose.'
'The next time you get shot, Sawyer, have fun changing your own dressings.'
(This scene ended up playing out like a scene we've seen a million times before, a likely candidate for the cutting room floor and, therefor, not an unlikely Missing Moment. I just threw it in to give Aimee something new to read in the hiatus)

- Danielle is creeping around the woods, setting up doll traps. She rounds a few trees and happens upon a small group of others. The group is oblvious to her presence. Relaxed and happy, they joke with one another as they walk. Remaining hidden, Danielle trails the group. One of the othes spots a doll, and, before his group can stop him, picks it up. Almost instantly he's hit in the chest with a huge swinging log. The Others panic. As a group, they pick him up and start running through the woods. Danielle follows, running. As they reach a small clearing the others abruptly stop. One Other clears away some brush to reveal the Medical Station and they hammer on the door. The door opens, and Tomo sticks his head out. He yells at the others, seeming to reprimand them, but then eventually steps aside so that they can carry the injured group member inside. As Danielle turns to slink back away, Alex pokes her head out, looks around cautiously and then pulls the door shut.

- Desmond, wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit, lies in his bunk. He seems to be suffering from a fever, sweating, tossing and turning. He turns over to see Kelvin suited up in his radiation suit, opening the door to the outside.
'Where do you go? What's out there?'
'Cabin fever. When you're out of the woods with that fever, i'll take you along.'
'What's that bag for?'
Kelvin slings a large, heavy burlap sack over his shoulder.
'Get some rest Des. There's plenty of time for questions later. We've got nothing but time on this island.'
(Cut to a shot of the timer as it flips from 103 to 102)
We watch as Kelvin trapses through the woods at a good clip. He seems to be measuring off his strides and checking the position of the sun. In a small, circular clearing, Kelvin throws down the sack and begins to take off the radation suit. He rips open the sack to reveal that it's a bag of salt. Dragging and pouring the salt behind him, Kelvin walks in a large arcing motion. At last he uncermoniously dumps out the remaining salt in a large pile of what turns out to be the period below a huge question mark.

capcom said...

Sure Andrew, what you said! :o) I'll take it all.

maven said...

I might be in the minority here, but I don't want to see any missing scene! I just want to continue on this incredible journey the way TPTB are intending we see it. I'm trusting them that most of the "blanks" will be filled in after 48 more episodes.

Jay said...

Episode 4 was even better, made me feel a bit better about Michael's motivation.

My wish: I want to see Ben opening the "Magic Box" and Cooper falling out! :)