Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are Richard Alpert and Walt Lloyd
Time Travelers?

If fools are enslaved by time and space, get out a jester
hat and a stick with bells on it because when it comes to
trying to figure out what's going on with time on LOST,
I'm lost. But the book The Time Traveler's Wife has
a theory of time travel that I can get my head around, and
I wonder if it can be used to explain how Richard Alpert
looks the same both above and below this text.

The idea in the book is that Henry, the time traveler,
can move from the present day at his present age both
forward and backward in time. So, for example, when
it is 1994 and Henry is 30, he could time travel and his
30 year old self could go back to 1988, but he would still
be 30 or it could go to 1998, but he would still be 30.

So could that explain non-aging Richard Alpert? When
Ben is doing his best young Harry Potter impression at
age 10 or so Alpert is 35. Then when Ben is 40, Alpert's
35 year old self has time traveled to 2004. Could that
also explain why Ben is in charge because the rest of the
Others only think that Alpert is 35 and hasn't been there
as long as Ben? Could it also explain why Alpert is the only
one we've seen off the Island after we saw him on the Island
(in chronological time) because he time traveled to Miami
in order to recruit Juliet?

And is a similar thing going on with

Through the Looking Glass Walt?

But in Walt's case, instead of age 10 Walt in December 2004
and points forward, we've got some form of future Walt,
be it age 13, 15, however old the actor is now.

Let me know what you think. And don't ask me about Desmond.
I've got no way to explain his time traveling or flashes. Though
the hero in the book was naked every time he traveled, other than
that I've got no links to Desmond.


cool_freeze said...

This is the most plausible explanation. The only other one would be the fountain of youth.

I still think that Walt was supposed to be an island apparition though. I am not sure.

capcom said...

I never thought of the fact that Richard could be time traveling, that's a thought! He kind of looks older in the Boy-Ben era, and younger in the 2004 timeframe. But that could just be because he is all scruffy in the Boy-Ben times, and he had to get all cleaned up to represent Mittelos as a recruiter.

Well, if we ever see Richard nakey, then we'll know for sure!

Yessifer said...

It makes sense, because Richard is the only one so far that we have seen on the island years before. Ethan was on and off the island, but not when Ben was young. It is a good explanation to why Richard still looks young.

memphish said...

And I'm still not convinced normal human beings can come and go from the Island. Otherwise, why wouldn't Ben leave to have his surgery and come back? Yes, Flight 815 interfered, perhaps, but still . . .

I think the ability to travel to and from and to the Island is just an illusion. You can get there, but if you leave you end up a bearded drunk or a Volvo driver?!? :) Or perhaps more logically (?) you just can't come back. Unless you are super special, Alpert and Walt, you only get one shot at the Island, and if waste it, you're SOL.

andrew. said...

-i'm on the fence about whether Richard Alpert is supposed to be the same age. It's a lot easier to establish an actor's age and then apply makeup/prosthetics to make them look older than it is to de-age them. They gave Alpert long locks and rugged stubble as a way to differentiate him from his 2004 self. Considering the quality of the de-aging wigs in the off-island flashbacks, i'm not ready to make the leap to eternal, time-dialating dr. eyeliner.

memphish said...

Michael Emerson said in his latest Comic News Insider interview that Alpert had not seemed to age. Now whether or not the actor knows something we don't, it's hard to say. But I want to believe that Michael Emerson is as far ahead of me as Ben is of the LOSTies. :)

The other thing about this time travel notion is that Alpert would not have to be eternal in this scenario. He would just have to be in different times as his same 35-year-old self. 35 in 1990ish and 35 in 2004. What year he's supposed to be 35 in -- that's the question.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Gregg Nations confirmed over at the Fuselage that Alpert not looking younger was intentional.