Friday, July 06, 2007

Did The Magic Box Give Charlie His Guitar?

In Episode 1.6, "House of the Rising Sun" we get this
exchange between Locke and Charlie as they search the
wreckage in the caves.

Locke: I know who you are. And I know what you're
looking for. Driveshaft. You played bass.
Charlie: And guitar... on a couple of tracks. You really
heard of us?
Locke: Hey, just because I'm over 40 doesn't mean I'm deaf.
I have both your albums. Although, I thought that your
self-titled debut was a much stronger effort than Oil Change.
It's a shame what happened to the band. How long since you played?
Charlie: My guitar? Uh, 8 days, 11 hours, give or take.
Locke: You miss it? Well, a lot of wreckage. It might still turn up.
Charlie: Undamaged? Still playable? I don't think so. I mean,
I wish, but there was this bloke at the counter
made me check it in.
Locke: No.
Charlie: Yeah. There wasn't enough room in the cabin, fascist.
Locke: You'll see it again.
Charlie: Oh yeah? What makes you say that?
Locke: Because I have faith, Charlie.

Is this an example of the magic box properties of the Island?
Charlie wishes he could find his guitar more than anything
else he could think of, more than his drugs, and voila,
there's his guitar, undamaged, hanging on the cliff face.
Maybe this also explains why it doesn't seem to get damaged
by the rain.


PalmerEldritch said...

damn, you're good. it's even more possible since its Locke who makes the reunion between hobbit and guitar possible.

good catch. that's some really impressive thinking.

who'd you steal it from?! :p

MB said...

Great catch and great point Holli! You had mentioned over at SAS that maybe Charlie is special b/c he gets his wish. This makes me wonder if it's that Charlie is special, or if it's just Locke that is able to make it happen - like he's a catalyst for the magic box's power. Probably some combination.
Of course he wasn't around when Kate saw her horse was he?

memphish said...

I don't think Locke knows about Kate's horse, but Charlie does. She mentions it to him in that episode.

Looking back on it, in these early episodes, other than Smokey's actions with the Pilot, the Island and its forces seem to be helpful, positive things. Locke sees the beautiful eye of the Island; Jack's dad leads them to water and shelter and now Charlie's guitar helps him kick drugs.

I starts to send me back to the 2 monster theory. Or at least the idea that the 2 sides--one light/one dark might refer to the Island rather than to our LOSTies vs. the Others or some other group dynamics.

capcom said...

Interesting. Maybe The Box placed it there in the trees (via Charlie's thinking aobut it), Locke found it on one of his treks, and led Charlie to it on their little Moth Walk, where miraculously there it was above them!

I would not tend to think that Locke made it appear with the help of The Box, or that he knew that it was possible to make it appear (Locke was too surprised about The Box when Ben told him about it), but wishing could definitely have put it there.

Who knows, maybe like the Bible says about when two or more pray together, maybe more minds wanting something on the Island are better than one, and maybe it makes the wishing even more powerful?!

pgtbeauregard said...

Great question - Locke seems to be the catalyst for many things that happen on the island.

Perhpas the box and faith go hand in hand.