Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where is Christian Shephard?

This is one of those mysteries I'm afraid I may never get
the answer to, but it's one I want to know. Where is Christian?
Did they never put him on the plane? Then why is there a coffin?
Did they put him on the wrong plane? Are baggage handlers in
Australia as bad as in the U.S.? Did Smokey/the Others/Jacob
take his body like Yemmi's? Vincent?


PalmerEldritch said...

Whatever it is that appeared as Ben's mom and Yemi to Eko, that was Christian Shephard too. What that is, I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards "random Island magic," Smokey, or Jacob's magic powers.

As for what happened to Christian's body? DHARMA FOOD IS PEOPLE!!!

memphish said...

Hmmm, what you said about Ben's mom triggered something Palmer. If all the Island visions are controlled by the same thing then it's controlled by the whisperers. Here's the transcript when Ben sees his mom and one of the whispers is "tell him you're his mother." Moreover, this seems to come from Richard Alpert and his merry band of Hostiles who we might also infer come from Jacob.

Maybe the Island tries to connect with all the survivors in some way, and this CS vision is the way it tried to connect with Jack, as his dad, the person he had the most unresolved and now given his dad's death, unresolvable issues. So the Island gives him a chance, but Jack fails the test and therefore Jack is not on Jacob's list.

Now I'm spinning in circles. I'll have to keep thinking about this.

Also, all Soylent Green references are very welcome.

OptimusIan said...
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capcom said...

OK, "Dharma Food Is People", is the best answer for anything, ever!!! :o)

I really hope that we get an answer to this one. Even if it's just, "Well, Christian's casket flung open and the body flew out, just like a lot of the luggage spewed their contents during the crash."

I also hope that TPTB 'splain about the whispers. Are they a bunch of Jacob-type people living in Limbo somewhere, telling each other how to appear to the Losties, Dharma-ites, etc? Arg.

P.S. Sorry that I had to delete my first attempt, I was still logged on with my nephew's blog's ID.

MB said...

The whispers point to some kind of collective consciousness for me. I keep getting this feeling between the whispers and the apparitions that the island itself is some kind of consciousness that can reflect what is in the minds of anyone on the island. When I let my imagination get carried away I think it is possible that the island is some sort of nexus of the consciousness of all of humanity, and that the off-island people who are trying to get on the island, may think that it can be used to actually CONTROL humanity, or maybe in their minds guide it.

This gets away from the thread subject/question to which...(sigh) I got nothin' - sorry!

MB said...

Perhaps if the Nexus idea holds any water - that is why Hanso thinks that the island can help alter the Valenzetti Equation and thus avoid Humanity's self-destruction. Big theories...

capcom said...

Good points MB.