Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry, no photos in the bonus post. I'm thinking about my
favorite mysterious French woman, and it finally dawns
on me, the Others took Alex to keep the crazy French chick
from killing her like she did everyone else she arrived on the
Island with. Duh! It's not like it was some devious plan or
Alex was the golden child, it was merely the only way the
baby could survive.

Now why the Others left Danielle to roam the Island for
16 years, you got me on that one. But it would make sense
to me that when Rousseau's team arrived, not long after the
Purge, that the Hostiles would have remained hidden watching,
evaluating only to watch Rousseau go nuts or her team get
sick or whatever happened, and be unable or unwilling to
interfere until there's no one left but Danielle and Alex.


capcom said...

Well you've certainly got a point there Memphish, and it's as good as any others that we've had so far! My head gets fuzzy on the timeline without my cheatsheets, but a lot depends on exactly when the D.I., or the post-purge village, began to have problems with childbearing. If it was before that began, they surely could have been saving Alex from the crazy lady. If after, Alex may have been the first baby that they were able to take into captivity to give themselves heirs to the Island. It's also possible that losing Alex was the final act that sent DR over the edge.

Gosh, I really hope that TPTB give us some DR backstory in S-4! Did we here any rumors about that? I sure hope so.

memphish said...

Capcom, the thing that tipped this for me was the fact that Danielle told us in TTLG that the rest of her team was dead before she gave birth.

Until that time, I had assumed that her team arrived, she gave birth, Alex was taken, her team gets "sick," she kills them. But in TTLG she says she changed the radio message 3 days before she gave birth and the message says they're all dead, so the implication is she killed everyone while she was pregnant.

It also dawns on me that she was tromping through the jungle very, very pregnant kind of like Ben's mom hiking during her pregnancy.

Taking a baby from a woman who you've seen kill a bunch of other people while she was pregnant is kind of a "good" thing to do. Could the Others be the "good guys" after all?

Crap, now that makes me wonder about Walt and Michael. Maybe the Others, like the White Queen in Through the Looking Glass can see time in both directions. They "see" that Michael will kill his compadres and take Walt to remove him from the care of a killer as they did Alex. I know this is circular since Michael killed because of Walt being taken, but still.

capcom said...

Oh boy. #1) Thanks for the clarification about DR's timeline. My brain was fuzzy on that. It could also be, with your Ben's mom tie-in, that the Others might have thought that DR was going to die, or was dead, after birth in the jungle just like Ben's mom, and the rest of the mothers, so they just took the baby and left DR for dead. Hmmmm.

#2) That's a very interesting thought about being able to look at time in both directions like the Queen. In fact, TPTB have kind of allowed LOST viewers to do that very thing as well!