Monday, July 30, 2007

Questions Raised by
"Raised by Another"

Unlike some Season 1 episodes, a lot of mysteries introduced
in Raised by Another still remain. The biggest, the one about
the psychic is discussed below, but here are some others.

1. Does anyone know what the symbol on Claire's necklace
means? I couldn't find it on LOSTpedia.

2. What is the deal with Thomas, Aaron's biological father?
He's the one with the bright idea that he and Claire can be a
family for this unplanned baby and then he bolts. Just cold
feet and enroaching responsibility or something more? Ironic
how two of our artists manage to knock up their girlfriends, but
never get around to marrying them. (Michael's the other with
the pregnant girlfriend; best I can tell Desmond hasn't
accomplished this feat.)

3. How did Hugo Reyes get the nickname Hurley?

4. The psychic tells Claire that her "goodness" is needed to protect
the baby, but she's not on Jacob's list (we think.) Why?

5. How did Catch a Falling Star end up on that Oceanic mobile
in the Staff Hatch? And does Claire actually remember her dad
singing it, or was she told that he did? I'll take option B on that one.

6. Finally, the failing pens -- coincidence or fate?


maven said...

Hey, Memphish! I just rewatched this episode and some of the points you bring up are really valid.
1. Always wondered about that necklace, too. Everything on Lost is there for a reason!
2. Just think that Thomas got cold feet, and didn't want the responsibility fatherhood entails (good old father issues again).
3. No idea re Hugo's nickname other than he faints and "hurls" alot! LOL
4. It always bothered me that the psychic tells her that she must bring up this baby herself and then sets her up with an adoptive couple in LA (probably just a way to get her on the plane).
5. We know that Christian was not really around for Claire's early life. She could have confused it with her Mom singing it and wishing it was her Dad. As to it being on the mobile: One of those Lost mysteries!
6. Failing pens: Fate! Way more than coincidence when 3 pens fail!

Keep up the great work!

DeDJeZTeR said...

Hey Memphish,

I doubt this is correct but Hurley is a nickname used by surfers in Hawaii that basically translates to "Old School Pro Surfer" or Just an Older dude

Maybe Hurley hung out with a group of younger surfers and because of this they all called him Hurley... just a guess.

memphish said...

So according to someone on The Fuselage, Claire's necklace is the Chinese symbol ai which means love. Kind of strange for a girl whose boyfriend dumped her, his mom would disown her if she knew about the baby and who is giving the baby up for adoption.