Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Would Smokey Wear White
Tennis Shoes With a Suit?

So what is with Jack seeing Christian Shephard
in Episode 1.5 "White Rabbit?" Is it Smokey?
Is it some other Island manifestation? Is Jack
merely hallucinating? And is whatever caused
this the same thing that led to Christian Shephard's
voice on the shark tank intercom?


capcom said...

I would love it if CS had to fake his death because he worked for the D.I. and his mission required that he was "disappeared", as they say in mob lingo. Or perhaps the D.I. felt that he had so botched up his mission (by being a lush, and making kids all over the world)that he had to take a hike as far as the world was concerned. As in, his profile had become to prominent, and he was no longer useful in an underground way, to the D.I. Too much unwanted attention.

For whatever reason, I think that if TPTB make CS turn up alive (as in never really dead), I would not be against that. There would just have to be some bizzaro reason why it had to happen that way, to make it interesting.

pgtbeauregard said...

That would be so cool if CS is still alive and was somehow involved with the whole D.I and faking his death.

Maybe he became a lush due to being involved with D.I and he started to think perhaps their ideals were not so great after all.

capcom said...

Interesting PGT, especially since we know that guilt, and drinking over guilt, runs in the Shepard family!

And I'm sure if Jack asked his dad why he drank in a FB, CS would reply with the ever-so-frustrating, "It's complicated!" :-P