Saturday, July 14, 2007

What I Thought About Him At This
Point Was Right, Wasn't It?

Locke -- a savior of his "family" or just a creepy guy with
an orange smile? What's the orange smile a reference to?
I read it recently and can't remember. Help!

Back to the reason for the post -- in Confidence Man, we
get Locke's first deliberate lie (as opposed to deception
by omission; "BTW guys I haven't walked for 4 years").
Locke basically frames Sawyer as the guy
who knocked Sayid on the head at the end of "The Moth."
Thus begins Locke's Explosion Tour 2004 (thanks
to Engineer27) though without the explosion -- this time.

So what is Locke's deal? I'm sure everyone else would
be willing to leave him behind if that's what he wants
(well maybe Jack and Kate wouldn't; they have issues.)
But why can't Locke seem to let anyone else
leave the Island?


andrew. said...

-Locke's orange peel is a reference to Godfather.

-I think it's really strange that everyone points to the orange peel scene as a moment that Locke really creeped them out. Locke is horsing around, trying to cheer everyone up. He does the orange peel smile to give Kate a little laugh, but she just got finished stealing a dead man's shoes so she's not in the mood. Locke does the smile, realizes that Kate's a little too shook up for giggles and immediately shows sympathy and remorse. I always thought that scene made him a good, human person who really cared about those around him.

-i think Locke's deal is that he felt blessed by the plane crash and the island. He experienced a miracle and he was sure that the other losties had also been blessed but might be having trouble recognizing it. He doesn't want them to get rescued because it's the best thing that's ever happened to them and they don't even realize it.

memphish said...

Thanks for the reference Andrew. I knew someone would know.

Locke is a polarizing character. It's hard to be wishy washy about him. Hopefully this post will give people a chance to state their current feelings.

As for me I went from first 6 episodes -- who is this geezer with his knives, to Locke is the man, to Locke is a nut, to Locke is a pathetic wimp, to is the old Locke back?, to WTF he's blowing everything up, to kill your own damn father, to why would you kill Naomi, but not Jack?

Locke's a great character and I can't wait to see what happens Season 4. I mean how many shows are there that a 50+ year old bald man is the character the most people care about?

Amused2bHere said...

I think Locke has had a meeting with Jacob, and he's either time traveled (thanks Memphish for the new perspective) or otherwise knows the Island's Secret that the Others are keeping.

That might explain why he killed Naomi but not Jack, and how he knows "we aren't supposed to do that". He knows something that he can't say, just like Ben who "just can't" let anyone get off the island.

I keep thinking that if we only knew the "Secret" too we'd understand and probably agree with the Other's actions, much like an "oh, I see, they really ARE the good guys" revelation. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

capcom said...

Andrew your points are what I thought too. And I also went thru all the stages of Locke-ocity that you did Memphish. I get really confused. Sometimes in the show he is like the wise old guy that you need to hang close with, and other times he is as dumb as a rock and you should stay as far away from him as possible. Which is the real Locke? I hope that we find out and that he doesn't just stay ambiguous like that till the end of the series.

And true Amused, does he know something or not???? Maybe he has been having flashes like Dez all along, and TPTB just didn't tell us about it yet?