Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who Are Adam and Eve?

Jack, Kate, Locke and Charlie find two bodies,
a man and a woman, in the caves in Episode 1.6
"House of the Rising Sun." Locke dubs them our
very own Adam and Eve, but if that's the case,
they are post-Fall Adam and Eve, because they have

Damon and Carlton have said that we will return to
the question of who these mystery skeletons are, but
in the meantime, what's your best guess?

Me, I think Kate is Eve especially since she says
later in the episode that she doesn't want to be
Eve. And now, after the Flash Forward, I think Adam
is Jack.

And as more of this discussion, what's with the stones?


PalmerEldritch said...

Nikki and Paolo.


trevor mcfur said...

I think that you might be right about Jack & Kate, especially now that they've thrown time travel into the equation. The stones always reminded me of that story 'The Lottery'(I know this has been said before), where the people who draw the black stone are killed for the town's sins. Not sure if something like that is going on here, but there's obviously been an ongoing theme of black/white, good/bad since the very beginning.

capcom said...

Nikki and Paulo, now that's an idea! Later, in the Final Finale, they will dig themselves up and out at last, and find that they are the only ones left on the island, everyone else having been rescued. They find that someone dug up their diamonds too, so all they are left with is two stones. Heehee.

I would not be opposed to Adam and Eve being anyone that we know to be on the island, like Jack and Kate, etc. But I don't understand why they can't tell at least what decade A&E come from by their clothing. It looks as if there is enough there to indentify (for any female on the island with the slightest fashion IQ) to tell the century if not the decade. But, I guess that TPTB don't want us to know, so the Losties are not going to know, until TPTB want us to know. :o)

memphish said...

Funny you mentioned clothes Capcom. I was trying to tell if Adam or Eve were wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. :D I couldn't tell though.

The other thing I wonder about the couple is who put them there. They seem to have been "lain to rest" as opposed to being dumped in a pit or left in a VW mini-bus. Nor this jive with the treatment of Colleen's body. To bring up the biblical again, if reminds me of Abraham's tomb where he and his offspring were laid to rest, even to the point of Moses getting Joseph's bones to take them on the Exodus with the Israelites.

capcom said...

Good points Memphish. Nor does it look as though Mr. or Mrs. Polar Bear dragged them in and laid them gently side by side with their stones either. :o)