Monday, July 23, 2007

Did Danielle Get The Batteries And
Jumper Cables To Make This Torture

From Here?

Rewatching Solitary has left me with more Danielle
questions than ever. For example:

1. Where did Danielle get her booby trap knowledge?
2. How many languages does Danielle know? As many
as Naomi?
3. Can anyone translate or find a translation of what
Danielle says before she says to Sayid: 16 years.
Has it really been that long?

4. Where did Danielle get that sedative and needle,
and how does she know how to use it?
5. She's seen the bears and knows there's no monsters,
and has heard the whispers, but never sees the Others?
6. So did Alex disappear from her cradle while Danielle
7. How does she know the Others are the carriers
for the sickness, and that they gave it to her team
on her team's way back from the Black Rock?

Seriously, the French Chick has a lot of 'splainin to do.

And ironically there was a woman at the beach with me this
week who looked like Danielle. I considered snapping a photo,
but decided to respect her privacy. And no, it was NOT Mira
Furlan; this woman looked like Danielle, not the actress.


Jay said...

Hmmm... I'll have to check out Solitary again - I hadn't realized there was something untranslated there.

We're supposed to get Danielle's backstory next season (and it's really the story I want to know the most from show). But remember she was on a scientific expedition - she probably was pretty skilled with needles (although the sedative would have long gone bad). Being stranded for 16 years would probably give you some time to pick up improvisational booby trap skills too.

But the fact Danielle has said she never saw the Others is inexplicable and the fact she didn't seem surprised by Ben when she captured him is a bit weird too. Ben stole Alex from her when Alex was just a baby (they made the black smoke then came and took her). It was probably night and probably dark, but she should have been able to describe them and their general appearance to Sayid.

As for the sickness, if it's real, it seems to be something entirely different from the DHARMA sickness which seems to be a hoax. The question is, did Danielle's men go insane or did she when she killed them?

pgtbeauregard said...

Daniell's whole story seems to be a mixture of made-up/half truths. I thought she knew about the medical station because on Maternity Leave she didn't seem that surprised to find it - although she went inside to supposedly find Alex. Maybe that's where she got the med supplies.

As for the batteries, it never occured to me to think about the VW buses - good thinking Memphish.

Can't wait for her flashback as well.!!

capcom said...

I have been confused for a long time concerning DR's personal inconsistancies and contradictions. But some things that don't seem related could actually connect. For instace, if she was with a science expedition of some sort they could have had tons of various lab equipment stocked onboard. That could conceivably cover any type of lab and electronic equipment like batteries and measurement tools, and even medical supplies for when anyone in the expedition gets ill or injured.

But I really can't connect her lack of knowledge of most of the island, with her superior knowledge of some parts of it. Same with the Others. In one conversaiton she knows all about them, and in another she's saying she survived by not knowing about them. Huh?

My only way to make this work in my head is to believe for now that DR is missing some memory by either going a bit nutty in extended isolation, or by some manipulation by the Others (drugs or magic orange juice?). She could have been taken like Claire was, Alex taken away from her after birth, and then either DR escaped in a drug fog into the jungle, or the Others/DI set her free to get lost on her own. Other than that, I am open to any ideas about DR.

Yessifer said...

I am dying to see her flashback. Her back story is very important, that is why they keep pushing it back (it will reveal too much). I never really believed everything Danielle said. If our 'Others' didn't take Alex then who did? Why would Ben keep the name given to Alex by her mother? I would have changed it. Why does she only use dolls in her traps? Is it because of Ben? What was the sickness? I can't wait for the season 3 dvd set, supposedly there is a deleted scene in which Ben talks about Danielle.

memphish said...

Yessifer, good point about Alex's name. Why wouldn't they have changed it? And good link between the dolls and Ben's doll. Maybe Rousseau used dolls hoping to trap a little girl, but she got Kate instead of Alex.

takes a village said...

I have also wondered why we haven't seen any evidence of "the sickness". At the end of season 2,it seemed to me that Michael may have been getting sick.It also looked like he had some skin disease on his head. Maybe the next season will reveal more of what happened to him.

memphish said...

I wonder about those skin blotches on Michael too, TAV. Mikhail has similar ones as well.