Monday, July 09, 2007

How Did Locke Know How to Find Sayid?

Sayid, Kate and Boone come up with their plan to triangulate the
French transmission on the beach. Kate tells Jack what they're
up to, but to the best of our knowledge no one ever tells Locke who is
at the caves with Charlie and then out slaughtering his pig. So how
did Locke find Sayid to hit him over the head?

I guess I write it off to it being Season 1 "Super-Locke" -- tracker
of all Iraqi's; leader of all on-Island walkabouts; and chef of
all boar, as opposed to Season 2 "Button Pushing Locke" and the
precursor to Season 3 "If It Exits, I Must Blow It Up Locke."

And while you're thinking about this triangulation plan of Sayid's
why did he get such a strong signal when the radio tower is not
inside the triangle formed by Sayid, Kate and Boone?


PalmerEldritch said...

Locke was tripping on psychadelic gourds. Knocking out Sayid was just part of a bad trip. Of course, Locke was more than willing to take credit for it as premeditated.

capcom said...

Hmmm, I'll have to go back and watch that one again to answer the second Q.

But for the first Q, I just assumed that either Locke was trying to track so much of their immediate island area, that he just ran into Sayid and other peeps in the woods. Or, that Sayid was just in Locke's line of walk, as Locke was walking to or from one of his new jungle outposts.

memphish said...

So Capcom, do you think it was just "the Island" or some such guide that led Locke to stop this attempt at finding rescue?

I always thought it was deliberate sabotage on Locke's part, but in rewatching the episode it dawned on me that Locke shouldn't have known where Sayid would be nor when given the division of people at the beach and the caves and Sayid's and the other in-group's relative secrecy with respect to the existence of the transmission and what he's been up to with the transceiver. Then there's the complicating factor that basically they don't know where they are going on the Island yet, so it's not like Charlie could casually mention "yeah, Boone's on the beach, Kate's by the big tree, and Sayid's in the field" and have that mean anything to anyone, except perhaps Crocodile Locke. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines of Sawyer, "Oh yeah, there's my favorite leaf."

capcom said...

Hey, that's a very good question too! Dangitt, just when you think that you might start having some characters figured out, then you have to include the Island in the list of characters and it blows yer theories to all to heck! I think that's a possibility that we have to keep in mind, if the Island really is sentient somehow.

Heheh, Crocodile Locke and favorite leaf, you quack me up! :o)

Yessifer said...

"Oh yeah, there's my favorite leaf." lol Sawyer is too funny.

About Locke I never really gave it any thought. He just knows everything. The same thing happened in the finale. Locke knew everyone was at the Radio Tower.

memphish said...

Good point Yessifer. So does that point to it being the Island leading him to Sayid? 'Cause I'm pretty sure it was Island 8-foot Walt that got Locke to the radio tower.

Yessifer said...

Island 8-foot Walt lol. memphish you are right, Walt could have told Locke about the radio tower. But Locke shouldn't have know where Sayid was. It's just "Super-Locke" doing what he does best.