Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did Locke Really Try To Track

Desmond flees the Swan thinking the world is about
to end. Jack, not the world's best tracker, manages
to catch up with him. Then in the next episode Locke
says he tried to track Desmond, but that he didn't
leave much of a trail.

I'm suspicious that Locke didn't really try to track
Desmond because if Jack could find him, why couldn't
Locke? Desmond wasn't concerned with NOT leaving a
trail. He had 40 minutes to get the heck out of
Dodge. I wonder why Jack didn't have Kate try to
track him as well. If only they had, maybe I'd
have gotten my answer to this question.

I'm heading out of town this afternoon, but I'm going
to try to make new posts via my new iPhone Thursday
and Friday. If they look goofy or don't work forgive
me. Normalcy will return on Monday.


capcom said...

Very interesting. To answer this I'd have to see how the scene plays out and observe how Locke acts when he says it (but I can't because my bro has my DVDs). But I seem to recall thinking, "Oh you did, did you?" when Locke said that.

Locke has shown us that he's not above telling lies to protect the Island, or his plans, so it's definitely possible. As for all the other options, this might be one of those places where TPTB have to let logic go, so as to allow Dez to get back in the boat and sail the circumference of the snow globe. :-)

Ange said...

I have always thought Locke is a big fat fibber. Always saying what he's supposed to in order to get what he wants and/or people to do what he wants. Remember the whole Boone debaucle.

Also congrats on the iPhone iPhone says hi to your iPhone ;).