Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is The Hostiles' Mission To Prevent
Dharma From Changing A Core Value
of The Valenzetti Equation?

The mission of the Dharma Initiative was to change a core value
of the Valenzetti Equation in order to save mankind. If Mrs.
Hawking is correct about the universe course correcting, changing
one of the core values, instead of saving mankind should merely
lead to its destruction in another manner. Are the Hostiles and
Ben Mrs. Hawking-like time guardians intent on preventing the DI
from succeeding so that the universe doesn't need to course correct?


capcom said...

Hmm, interesting Memphish! Well let's plug that into our "what is the Hostiles' motivation" dossier as well. And I had not even put Mrs.H and the DI's interference together either, you're awesome! It sure does seem like it would qualify for coming under the umbrella of forbidden changes, great thinking.

I also wonder if Mittlejerk is not on the side of Mittelos, but the freighter peeps. The similarity of the name of course, makes it look (to TLE-ers) that he is with his possible namesake, but TLE also told us that he is working with Paik and Widmore concerning a freighter. I really am curious about what the incoming people want the island for, regardless of whether or not TWM will actually show up in the TV story.

maven said...

There is definitely something going on on that island that a lot of people are very interested in!

I agree with you, Capcom, that the similarity of Mittelwerk and Mittelos is just too coincidental! And the freighter tie-on has raised a lot of similarities, too. Hopefully, some of TLE can eventually we worked into the story.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

That's a good point, Memphish. I think we've actually already seen a DHARMA disaster in this regard: By messing with the island's electromagnetic anomaly, the Initiative accidentally caused the "incident," which in turn seemed to kickstart the very apocalypse DHARMA was trying to prevent.

I don't think the Hostiles/Others exist simply to stop DHARMA, though I do think Jacob sees fit to interfere with the course of events when he can (causing Boone to die instead of Locke, for instance). My suspicion is that Ben and Jacob are on the opposite side of whatever Ms Hawking represents: Jacob tried to ensure the key was never turned so the island could not be visible, whereas Ms Hawking tried to ensure that the key was turned. I think this is all part of a game trying to influence the outcome of a particular cycle of events, and that outcome hinges upon whether or not the island is discovered.

I don't believe there is a connection between Mittelwerk and Mittelos. I think the name similarity is just there for the fans, but the Mittelos thing was really just to put across the "lost time" anagram. Plus, I don't really think there even is a Mittelos. It looks like it's just a front for the Others so they can conduct business in the outside world, namely tricking fertility specialists into helping them.

capcom said...

I agree that Mittelos is a front for things, but they obviously exist (or existed) physically for looks, in that there was some kind of Mittelos compound with a gate, a mini air terminal, etc. Where they got the moolah for this is a mystery, if it isn't Widmore/Paik (IF Widmore/Paik are the new intruders).

I like the thought that Jacob does not want the button pushed, and Mrs.H does. I hadn't thought about it in terms of Jacob, duh. So it would seem that Jacob and Mrs.H are at odds, whether or not they know that the other exists yet. Juicy!

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...


I guess what I really meant to say was that Mittelos doesn't exist as an actual Widmore/Paik type of corporation. A lot of people have been talking about Mittelos as if it were another one of these monolithic companies, or even part of the DHARMA/Hanso/Widmore/Paik chain, and I don't think that's really true. But it looks like we agree on this topic, so I'll shut up!

pgtbeauregard said...


really like the idea about Jacob and Mrs. H both course correcting, but for different outcomes. I hope they throw us a bone and tell us who Jacob is this season

capcom said...

Oh, right PAA. :-) Yeah, I wouldn't agree with those other speculations that Mittelos is a Wid or Paik corp at all either. Where Mitt get's its megamoney is a problem, but not one that has to be solved by being a huge corp in and of itself.

Yes PGT, that actually very much helps me put Walt's contradictory messages in some order. Maybe Walt himself was warning Locke, and then after they got Walt, Jacob was using Walt's image to say the contradictory messages about the Swan, etc. At least that's the way I'm going to file it in my head until we get more info about that. :-)

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I'll try to lay out what I'm thinking here as best I can. (Talking about LOST starts spinning me in circles after a while).

Jacob = making sure the button is pushed and the failsafe key never turned, so the island cannot be found. Jacob has used Ben as his emissary for quite a while, but it now seems that he's turning to Locke. It's even suggested Ben knew little to nothing about pushing the button, meaning Jacob wasn't exactly forthcoming with Ben in explaining certain priorities. This continues the suggestion that Jacob no longer entirely trusts Ben, making Locke a threat to Ben's power. Anyway, it seems Jacob manipulated Locke into discovering the hatch and pushing the button, ensuring a chain of events which leaves the island invisible to the outside world. When Locke's faith began to wane, Jacob chose Eko as a temporaty replacement. Anyway, Jacob seems to be using Ben and the Others as keepers of the island, trying to keep this other group of people from ever being able to reach it. Pushing the button, jamming all off-island radio signals, controlling the satellite station . . . all of this keeps the island isolated and unreachable. Jacob must be able to
see what would happen if his enemies ever reach the island.

The freighter people = manipulating a chain of events wherein Desmond turns the failsafe key, stabilizing the anomaly but making the island accessible to the outside world. They seem to know this is their chance to reach the island. But in order for that to happen, Desmond must be quietly pushed into a path which takes him to the island and makes him turn that key. This includes the participation of people such as Ms. Hawking, and possibly Brother Campbell and Libby. (If they knew the island would be briefly accessible during the crash of flight 815, it would make sense to send a spy). Their arrival on the island seems carefully timed and coordinated. Jack choosing to contact Naomi's boat means that Jack has chosen the course of events which brings these people to the island, which apparently will have negative consequences for all involved.

Walt = a wild card. It's very possible Walt possesses the potential to be as much a part of the island as Jacob. He seems to have similar abilities, and it wouldn't be a surprise if Ben let him go because Walt posed even more of a threat to him than even Locke. Walt's confusing and contradictory messages may simply relate to the fact that Walt doesn't know exactly what he's talking about; he's young and may not be able to entirely make sense of his premonitions. (Just as Desmond can't really see beyond little bits and pieces of the future). Ben implies to Michael there will be rescue waiting when they leave the island; I think this means the people on the freighter. It would be very plausible that they'd maintain an outpost near the island, ready and waiting for it to become visible. So, this means Walt could now be in the hands of this new group of people, which might be bad news.

capcom said...

Sounds good to me PAA! :-)

maven said...

Very sensible, PAA!

Cool_Freeze said...

Just as good as any other theory I've heard. =]


pgtbeauregard said...

Super theory. I'll bet TPTB are wishing Memphish had never started this blog!!

Keep it up.

Yessifer said...

Love the theory!

capcom said...

One Q tho, why do you think that Ben would hand Mike and Walt over to the enemy? Just curious what you think, I have a few ideas of my own.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Michael was not a "good" person by the Others' standards. He murdered Ana Lucia and Libby, friends who trusted him. As far as Walt, Ben and the Others seemed freaked out by him. Perhaps not only could Walt communicate with Jacob, he could even do some of the things that Jacob does. In that event, he could even be a threat to Jacob himself.

capcom said...

OK, that sounds good. :-)