Friday, September 14, 2007

Is Vincent Smokey or Does Jacob
Just Use Vincent Because He's A

Dog Person?

In Man of Science, Man of Faith Vincent goes missing
which leads to Shannon and Sayid chasing him into the
jungle which leads to our first Season 2 encounter with
the whispers and a wet Walt saying Don't push the button;
the button is bad backwards. There have been several
instances when Vincent has led the 815 survivors to
places or encounters on the Island. Just a dog running
away or is Jacob using him? And just for the record, a
guy with a painting of a dog in his house, can't be all bad.


memphish said...

Testing an iPhone.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I don't think Vincent is smokey but I think you've got it: Jacob is using Vincent. (Maybe Walt was using him, too). Jacob's probably a dog person. Though considering he's likely very very old, plus he lives all by himself, you'd think he would have cats crawling all over his cabin left and right.

And, relistening to the reversed audio, now I think Walt is actually saying "Press the button; no button, bad."

maven said...

I also don't think that Vincent is actually Smokey. He did exist off the island. But I agree that he must be being used by the island, and if that is Jacob, so be it. Vincent has been manipulating people almost as well as Ben has. He's gotten them to go places which starts a chain of events. Walt is "special" and so is Vincent. Vincent probably just thinks he's living in dog heaven...having the freedom of an island (very few times he is on a leash).

memphish said...

Interesting about the reverse audio PAA. And it makes more sense given what we've seen when the button is not pushed. Can anyone recall any place where it's been verified what Walt was saying at this point?

I think that I think (how's that for hedging) that Vincent is for realsies, but I've always wondered if he's merely reanimated like Christian and Yemi. He seems like he could be the real spy in the camp relaying back scanned info. on Jack and the rest of the crew. It's interesting that Walt seemed to be able to make the rain stop and the polar bear appear, but it was Locke and his dog whistle that led Vincent into the camp, not Walt's wishes. Of course Vincent running off led to Walt's polar bear encounter in the first place.

I'm pretty certain I'm reading way too much into this, but hey, February is a long way off, and I'm still on the fence on the iTouch which would distract me, but they didn't have all the other things I'd need for it like adapters at my Apple store, so I held off on the purchase. Vincent theories is all I've got -- for now.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...


I looked into the Walt audio thing. First, you can download an mp3 of the reversed audio. It sounds like Walt is saying "Push the button; no button's bad." Secondly, apparently EW presented Damon Lindelof with the translation of "Push the button; don't push the button, bad." Lindelof agreed with that interpretation. So it definitely looks like Walt is saying, in a garbled fashion, that not pushing the button is bad.

And I feel the pain, Memphish. It's been almost four months since the end of season three, and to think that there's still five more to go makes me wish we could take advantage of the island's time anomaly.

pgtbeauregard said...

At first I thought Vincent was just a manifestation as well, but now it makes sense for him to be an agent of Jacob or Ben. He was probably on the plane for just that reason!

capcom said...

Good comments everyone.

Well, I'm glad that the Walt whispers have been kind of cleared up. The "push it, don't push it" thing was really confusing me. I wonder if TPTB ever regret making anything too difficult for us to get, unintentionally. :-)

R2K said...

: )

Ange said...

Memphish: I was going to go for an iTouch too, but hubby cut me off at the pass and came home with an iPhone as an early b-day gift for me. iPhone is now like a member of the family. "Iphone says..." is constantly coming out of my mouth. LOL I have problems.

Anyway this comment is brought to you by iPhone...
pgtbeauregard said...
At first I thought Vincent was just a manifestation as well, but now it makes sense for him to be an agent of Jacob or Ben. He was probably on the plane for just that reason!

I don't think Vincent is Smokey. But I totally PGTB with your comment. If you go on the idea that everyone was placed on that plane and there was a reason for it, then that applies to Vincent too. So it very well could be that he is being controlled by Jacob or even the island.