Monday, September 17, 2007

Sarah's A Really Bad Judge of Men

From a fiance who's worried he can't have sex and will have
to help her go to the bathroom and doesn't hang around to
see how her surgery went to said surgeon who really just
wanted to fix her and be worshipped for it to a guy willing to
cheat with a married woman, Sarah Shephard really knows
how to pick 'em.

Here's a coincidence, Sarah's fiance is named Kevin. Kate's
husband who she drugged and left in Miami is named Kevin.
Add an "l" and you get Kelvin. Creepy.


capcom said...

Great observation Memphish. Sarah is kind of a loser when it comes to that. Yet, she hypocritically treats Jack like a loser, hmmmmm.

The whole repetition of names on Lost really confuses me. TPTB say that names are very important to the show. So why to they duplicate them so much? I dunno.

maven said...

Seems the only one on the island who has made a good choice in men is Rose! Other than her, there seems to be a running thing with bad choices in men with the female characters, doesn't there? Juliet with her ex and Ben, of course Kate, Claire gets dumped by Aaron's father, Sun might love Jin (and vice versa) but he made bad choices.

pgtbeauregard said...

Sarah is not that likeable - really. The fact that she has picked some men that are not great doesn't surprise me. Now, Capcom would say that Jack is a bad pick. I for one, would have to disagree. Still being a Jack backer, I would say perhaps she is a part of the whole manipulation to get Jack on the plane - by getting his father on a drunken rage so that he has to go after him in Australia etc..

Sorry, I still like Jack, and think he gets a bad rap from you'all sometimes.

This comment is not because I just watched We Are Marshall tonight.

memphish said...

Hey PGTB, be sure to check out the latest post on the Totally Amazing LOST Blog of Awesomeness. It's got a great analysis of Jack's S3 arc. There's a link on the side of the front page of my blog.