Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Should Exodus Have Been Called
Death Wish?

Why did Sawyer want to be on the raft? Michael suggests
a death wish in light of his father's death when Sawyer was
only eight. Was Michael right?

But for the fact that at least half the female audience would
stop watching immediately, I'd suggest it might be time to
fulfill Sawyer's death wish now that his reason for living,
revenge on the real Sawyer, has been accomplished. His last
encounter with Kate in Season 3 seems to put him back
where he was on the raft with nothing on the Island
worth staying for.


pgtbeauregard said...

I don't believe Sawyer has a death wish. He desperately wants off craphole island. The killing of the real Sawyer really shook him up, and now he's more of a team player - i.e. going back for the three left at the beach.

He seems more vulnerable than ever now, and I hope TPTB don't off him this season - I'd like to see his character grow (w/o Kate)

capcom said...

I agree PGT. Also, a person's life is more than reaching only one goal. Even though it's a fact that now he has killed two people which can't be condoned, it would be nice to see the James character move on to other things as a new person with new goals. Let's hope that TPTB give him a new lease on life in S4.

Ange said...

I agree with both PGT and capcom, but also want to add: I think that Sawyer ramains selfish and is out for only himself. Even though at times we do see him care about someone else, it certainly isn't a constant.

He wanted on the raft because a) he wanted off the island, and b) he feels that he truly deserves the spot. He never really takes into account sacrifice for the good of another more deserving or worhty.

Which makes me wonder, rather than having a death wish or developing a conscience, is Sawyer a sociopath?

capcom said...

Interesting point Ange. We've been shown that Sawyer is capable of exhibiting sympathy for others at times, especially when Hurley was trying to teach him how to think in another man's shoes. But as you say, his selfish survival instincts seem to usually win out when there is a conflict between his wants and someone else's. Maybe TPTB will start to have James put Hurley's leadership training into practical application. :-)

memphish said...

Thinking about Sawyer and how his parents' deaths affected him, it dawns on me that no one in Sawyer's life with the possible exception of Cassidy before he finished the con on her has put him ahead of themselves or others. His parents both exhibited that they cared more about themselves and each other or they wouldn't have done what they did. I think part of his problem with his Every Man for Himself attitude is that in his experience if Sawyer isn't for himself, no one else will be either. Kate's behavior on Island isn't helping with that either. She's using him for sex for her needs and she's putting Jack ahead of him as well.

Both Jack and Sawyer have failed to find love as the children of their parents or in adult relationships that is healthy and mutual. Kate on the other hand seems to have found men who want to love her for her or at least the her she's willing to reveal to them, but she's rejected that repeatedly out of her own needs for her mother's love and priority in her mother's life.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I think once Jack leaves the island, a tormented Sawyer becomes the new leader of the Losties.

memphish said...

I like it PAA. I was hoping we'd get a little of that this season, but Jack got back just before Sawyer and puppet-master Hurley had time to shine.

There was a definite leadership vacuum in Jack's absence. I thought Locke would step it up what with this speech and all, but then everyone went right back to doing their own thing pretty much until Kate and Sawyer and then Kate and Jack got back.

pgtbeauregard said...

PAA, I agree with you about Sawyer stepping into the leadership position. Locke is too busy worrying about Locke to take charge, but Sawyer has the smarts and potenetial to be our next hero.

capcom said...

Right, Locke says he's on his own mission now. :-p

If Jack has any brains in his head, he will team up with Sawyer as a dual unit of leadership, if the Losties end up having to take sides with Ben against the incoming intruders. They'll need to trust Ben, but they'll also need to have a solid plan for their own interests at the same time. Mostly to keep their hides covered from Ben whenever he goes back to protecting only himself.

A self-preservationist like Sawyer is very good to have by your side in a war.

pgtbeauregard said...

Sawyer will always come out ahead, and if he's in a leadership position, he's one valuable guy!

I'm worried about what happens after Jack makes that call. It's a good thing Sawyer is on the beach - that way he can rescue the tower party if need be. (along with Hurley no doubt).